23 October, 2014 13:33

Nadeem Malik Live - 22nd October 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/68979/Nadeem-Malik-Live-22nd-October-2014.aspx






SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that their container has become a symbol against the corruption and rigging and Dharna will continue. She said that the people of Pakistan have risen against corruption because of the Dharna of PTI.

She said that she is not aware of the fact that PAT threatened to quit Dharna in case PTI will not join the advancement towards the PM house. She said that Imran Khan consulted with core committee and majority showed the willingness to move towards the PM house. She said that PTI joined PAT in D chowk there was no connection between the two parties before. She said that the core committee of PTI rejected any coalition with PAT.

She said that having talks with PTI is in the interest of the government otherwise they will suffer harm.

She said that PTI has gone to the SC for not putting form 14 and 15 on their web site.

She said that PTI has prepared the out line of the election reforms and will be revealed after the month of Moharam.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that Qadri said that he has taken his last bath before leaving for Dharna but he is happy that Qadri has gone back harmless. He said that he will request to Imran Khan to be reasonable because he is the hope of future and has brought balance in the politics of Pakistan.

He said that Bhutto was hanged due to a wrong decision of SC but nothing will happen to Nawaz Sharif despite of the FIR registered against him.

He said that PML-N attitude against PPPP government was like that CM of Punjab used to lead the long march himself against them.

He said that the because of the stubbornness of PML-N the issue of four constituencies has gone beyond the reach.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that Qadri went back without gaining what he was up to. He said that Qadri should apologies to his people they sacrificed their lives for him.

He said that Imran Khan and Qadri have wasted the chance now they have to be in the containers till 2018. He said that Imran Khan now can protest as much as he wants PML-N will not engage him in dialogues anymore.

RAHEEQ ABBASI OF PAT said that the message of the martyr’s of Modal Town Tragedy has reached every household of Pakistan. He said that PAT never threatened PTI to quit Dharna if they will not advance towards the PM house.

He said that PAT did not attacked on PTV it was a plot of the government. He said that TUQ never said that congratulations PTV has been occupied.


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