30 October, 2014 11:27

Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Nadeem Malik Live - 29th October 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/69526/Shah-Mehmood-Qureshi-in-Nadeem-Malik-Live-29th-October-2014.aspx







He said that speaker called PTI members to ask about the resignations constitutionally it was not necessary but we went there in respect to the speaker. He said that we went to meet with the speaker but he made us wait for two and half hours. He said that all the members of PTI presented their hand written resignations. He said that PTI is not sure about three of their members that they will resign or not. He said one of the female member of PTI was formally approached by the government to not to resign.

He said that the parliament is worthless all the decisions are being made outside. He said that for one year PTI raised its concerns over election rigging in the parliament but nobody paid attention.

He said that the government should form the judicial commission it will expose everything about rigging. He said that the government is confused on the issue of resignations of the PTI members.

He said that every point was settled instead of the resignation of PM then why the government backed off from the dialogues. He said that PTI is ready to talk there is no other way out.

He said that it is been more than two months now PTI is giving Dharna for a motive.

He said that there is rift inside PML-N when its leaders go to their constituencies people enchant “Go Nawaz Go”.

He said that the difference Imran Khan Dharna has made the by election result of Multan is the reflection of it. He said that PTI is on the campaign to approach the people and overwhelmingly successful Jalsas are the evidence. He said that there will be a unique site on 30 of November in Islamabad people from all over Pakistan will gather here. He said that the PTI Dharna has changed the culture of Islamabad.

He said that from 30 of October PTI will protest infront of the election commission everyday.

He said that the nation is tired of the PML-N and PPPP. He said that 18th of October Jalsa of PPPP at Karachi is enough to open their eyes. He said that PML-N and PPPP never held their party elections and they talk about democracy.

He said that PTI moved towards the PM house along with PAT to avoid and bloodshed. He said that no one from PTI was part of the people who took over PTV building. He said that Raheeq Abbasi did not threaten to call off the Dharna if PTI will not join the advancement towards the PM house. He said that TUQ called off the Dharna because he had nothing left to say to his people.

He said that PML-N and PPPP workers are approaching PTI.

He said that PTI wants early elections because we do not recognize the fake mandate of the government.

He said that In Shaa Allah he is seeing elections in 2015.


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