5 November, 2014 13:48

Watch Now Nadeem Malik Live (DeshatGardi Akhir Kab Tak??) – 4th November 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/69936/Nadeem-Malik-Live-4th-November-2014.aspx







MAKHDOOM AMIN FAHEEM OF PPPP said that he is hopeful that one day the situation in Pakistan will be excellent. He said that there is lack of education in Pakistan as long we will not educate people unfortunate incidents will continue. He said that the terrorists are using heavy weapons it could not be carried without machinery how these weapons reached to them?

He said that if the government approaches Imran Khan seriously and engages him in dialogues the problem can be resolved.

BRIGD; MOHAMMAD SAAD DEFENCE AND POLITICAL ANALYST said that there is no clear policy of our government against terrorism. He said that the things can not be improved with force of gun. He said that the military only can clear a troubled area from the terrorists but it is the civilians that can manage it. He said that the policy against terrorism can be successful only if it is constituted by the government. He said that Jamat Ul Ahrar is the most dangerous group that is hiding at Kunnur in Afghanistan. He said that Jamat Ul Ahrar is about twenty thousand people financed by Saudi Arabia and also smuggle the drugs to generate money.

He said that the government has become weaker because of the sit in of Imran Khan. He said that even if Imran Khan succeeds to form the government PML-N will not let him run it smoothly. He said that if the government will not resolve the political problems then someone else will do it. He said that the election reforms are necessary to improve the system.

MIAN MAHMOOD UL RASHEED OF PTI said that there is no policy of the government against terrorism and neither is any coordinated effort to tackle it. He said that few months ago the government announced to form a national policy against terrorism but now there is no follow up of it.

He said that the terrorism rapidly flourished during Musharaf government and India is also involved in it.

He said that the government attitude that they are not responsible for the investigations of rigging is the main problem. He said that fifteen constituencies have been opened up for investigations as yet and vast evidence of rigging has come forward. He said that the government needs to show seriousness and punish the responsible of rigging. He said that PTI will welcome if the government approaches with seriousness and positively.

SHEIKH WAQAS AKRAM OF PML-N said that if the state forms a policy with seriousness no terrorist will be dared to do anything wrong. He said that the back lash of operation Zarb-e-Azb was expected but the provincial governments are not equipped for it. He said that the provinces are lacking required number of police personals and the weapons to fight the menace. He said that America is also helping terrorists besides Saudi Arabia.

He said that Imran Khan demands of election reforms and to probe the rigging are just and should be worked out. He said that PM can not order to open any constituency for investigations it requires change in the law.


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