2 December, 2014 11:30

Nadeem Malik Live - 1st December 2014http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/72185/Nadeem-Malik-Live-1st-December-2014.aspx






ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that PM has designated Ishaq Dar to carry out dialogues with PTI. He said that Imran Khan showed his confidence on Justice Nasir Ul Mulk but now he wants to include agencies in judicial commission for investigations. He said that PM wrote the letter to SC for judicial commission on the demand of Imran Khan. He said that the military should be kept away from the politics. He said that if PTI will shout down the cities the government will fulfill its duty to protect the citizens.

SHOKAT YOUSUFZAI OF PTI said that PTI is in the favor of the dialogues from the beginning that they should continue. He said that the five points the governments says is agreed upon should bring infront of the people. He said that Imran Khan has shown the flexibility on his demand of resignation of PM now the government should step forward and start dialogues. He said that the military is our own force we do not want them to share the power but want them to investigate the matter only.

He said that the third umpire finger means is Allah (SWT) that has blessed PTI more than it deserves.

He said that PTI did not provoke attack on PTV the government is involved in it the investigations should be conducted about it. He said that apprehend the people attacked on PTV you will know who was behind it. He said that if transparent elections are held people like PML-N can never reach to the national assembly.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that inclusion of ISI, MI, and IB will undermine the independence of the election commission. He questioned that being CJ of SC why Iftikhar Ch went to the offices of the RO? He said that if the investigations are held former CJ will be unable to defend himself.

He said that if the government has accepted five and half points they should be revealed to the people. He said that if the elections were rigged then why PTI is in the government of KPK.

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