14 January, 2015 11:19

Nadeem Malik Live - 13th January 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/01/13/nadeem-malik-live-john-kerry-ka-durah-pakistan-13th-january-2014/






PERVEZ RASHEED OF PML-N said that he is only in the favor of that the military should not get involved in the politics and coup against the democratic system. He said that the formation of the military courts is in the favor of the democracy and against the terrorism. He said that despite of the political differences all political parties are united against the terrorism. He said that we are all united and army chief represented on the behalf of all of us at APS. He said JI and JUI (F) are against the terrorism they just have difference on the ways of eliminating it.

SIRAJ UL HAQ OF JI said that JI is against the terrorism just like anybody else. He said that JI put up a suggestion that instead of Madrassa the word “violence” should be used. He said that crime is crime either committed by a man with beard or without.

MAKHDOOM AMIN FAHEEM OF PPPP said that whoever commits crime should be punished with or without the beard.

He said that he met ZA Bhutto in London when he was thinking to form a political party yet. He said that he is a member of PPPP from day one and stood firm with it in thick and thin. He said that people vote for PPPP on his request so he has the right to discuss their problems in the party.

He said that his meeting with Pervez Musharaf was absolutely coincident. He said that Pervez Musharaf told him to form the government of PPPP and he will have no objection on it. He said that every time he met with Pervez Musharaf he informed Benazir Bhutto about it.

He said that the news that he went to London to bridge the differences between Asif Ali Zardari and Balawal Bhutto is a blunt lie. He said that this news is also a lie that I tried to reconcile between them but Balawal refused. He said that Balawal must be in London for some important matter it should not be exploited.

MASOOD SHARIF KHATTAK POLITICAL AND INTELLIGENCE ANALYST said that besides Zia Ul Haq many more names are involved in the formation of armed groups. He said that Pakistan should only take action against the terrorists because it is the question of the county’s survival now. He said that first time he is seeing the military and politicians on one page. He said that if military and politicians go along together the eradication of terrorism is not going to be a difficult thing.

He said that the questions are being raised on the performance of PPPP in Sindh they have to think that what is need to be done in the future.

He said that NECTA can only suggest that where Pakistan will be standing against the terrorism after twenty five years.

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