19 February, 2015 09:25

Nadeem Malik Live - 18th February 2015http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/78860/Nadeem-Malik-Live-18th-February-2015.aspx






REHMAN MALIK OF PPPP said that all kind of terrorists are working against Pakistan at the moment. He said that he is saying for last some time that he is seeing blood in Pakistan. He said that all the worst terrorists are hiding in Afghanistan right now. He said that during Hamid Karzai era the commitment used to be great but zero result. He said that General Raheel Sharif and DGISI took a great step by visiting Afghanistan. He said that people involved in terrorism against Pakistan get support from Afghan intelligence agency. He said that India and Afghanistan partnership against Pakistan is very dangerous.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that some political and religious parties still keep soft corner for terrorists. He said that General Kayani, PPPP and Nawaz Sharif delayed the action against the terrorists. He said that it is time to follow the laws against the terrorists we do not need any more amendments. He said that once it has been decided that no banned outfit is allowed to work then what is stopping the government to take the action against them. He said that the government still keeps the soft corner for the terrorists. He said that our leaders are corrupt can not fight against the terrorists we need brave leadership. He said that some political parties used the terrorist organizations to win the elections. He said that we need to expand our intelligence network to the border areas the terrorists get their weapons from there.

ALLAMA AMIN SHAHEEDI RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR said that we need to hit the terrorists, their mind set and those who patronize them. He said that five thousand Moazens have been arrested for sound violation but a meeting of the terrorist held in Khairpur but nobody was arrested. He said that a person that is afraid because of his wife and children can not fight against the terrorists. He said that Maryum Nawaz withdrew her daughter from the school because of the fear of the terrorists. He said that the government should not do the point scoring and go against all the terrorists without any distinction.

MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INTERIOR MINISTER said that lot of criticism is done on Sindh police but they have conducted many very successful operations against the terrorists in collaboration with rangers. He said that right now the military, rangers and the police are taking strong actions against the terrorists.


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