20 February, 2015 12:06

Nadeem Malik Live - 19th February 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/02/19/nadeem-malik-live-kya-mqm-ko-deyshat-gardi-ka-neshana-banaya-ja-raha-hai-19th-february-2015/






ASAD UMER OF PTI said that we are united to take action against the suicide attacker but divided on the ideology that germinates him. He said that the institutes that are supposed to fight terrorism are victim of political interference. He said that the youth is getting extremist mi9nd set from the schools as well besides the Madrassas. He said that the terrorists are not self made but we produced them ourselves in the 80; s.

HAIDER ABBAS RIZVI OF MQM said that the disease we are treating is not the actual disease but the actual disease is religious extremism. He said that we are still at the state of denial on religious extremism. He said that the Imam calls people of other sects on the speaker infidel and we do not mid it either. He said that we have to monitor that what kind of curriculum is being taught in the Madrassas. He said that the Imam talks from foreign policy of Pakistan to relationship with America in the Juma procession speech. He said that as long there will be no social justice in the society everything is going to remain the same.

SHEIKH ROHAIL ASGHAR OF PML-N said that the whole nation became united after the 16th of December tragedy but later some people tried to disintegrate it for political and religious reasons. He said that if religious extremism is triggered from the Madrassa then what is wrong to stop it. He said that from last sometime the worldly knowledge is also being taught besides the religious syllabus. He said that after the Peshawar tragedy being quite for sometime some people are trying to cause the divide again.

AGHA MURTAZA POYA OF AT said that Saudis, Israel and India are patronizing the terrorists in Pakistan. He said that the people were prepared for Jihad to fight against Russia in Afghanistan. He said that Saudis, Israel and India want to see a weaken Pakistan but with the blessing of Allah they themselves have become weaker. He said that the people have been identified as trouble maker are not pursued to take action by the government. He said that terrorism going on in Pakistan is supported by foreign powers.

He said that we should not accept the people became in power by rigging what can we expect from them to do any good.


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