19 March, 2015 11:08

Nadeem Malik Live - 18th March 2015







RAJA SAQIB REPORTER SAMAA said that Imran Khan has ordered reelections in PTI. He said that it is said that rigging and money was used in the previous party elections of PTI.

SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that Justice Wajjeh U Din of PTI said that he found irregularities in the previous party elections of PTI. She said that on the report of irregularities PTI formed a commission for investigations. She said that Imran Khan decided that in the party meeting on Sunday the future strategy will be discussed.

She said that another arrest has been made in the connection of murder of Zahra Shahid two previously arrested people belong to MQM.

She said that the cleaning process in Karachi should be completed now and the criminals of any party should be apprehended.

She said that the action against the terrorists in South Punjab should also be taken and every political party should distance itself from the terrorists.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that it is the duty of security agencies more than the politicians to conduct Karachi operation properly. He said that FIR has been registered against Altaf Hussain as yet if the court’s decision comes against him then PPPP will reconsider its relationship with MQM. He said that he has serious concerns the way MQM does its politics but it is a reality and we have to deal with it.

He said that Karachi police is not as much politicized as much it is discussed.

MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INTERIOR MINISTER said that a national consensus was developed before starting Karachi operation this time. He said that the agencies made it clear this time that they should be allowed to go against the criminals across the board. He said that the peace has been restored in Karachi in the result of the operation. He said that crime rate has dropped in the result of operation the criminals have been arrested and their cases are going to the courts.

He said that MQM is a political reality can not be left alone and efforts should be made to main steam it. He said that every political party should kick out the criminals itself.

He said that first of all Karachi police needs to be depoliticized. He said that in last year and half Sindh police has offered great sacrifices and has conducted very successful operations against the criminals in collaboration with the rangers.

KHUSH BAKHT SHUJAT OF MQM said that when Altaf Hussain learns that someone has done something wrong he comes very harsh at him. She said that many people that used to be the part of MQM are not in the party anymore because they have been expelled.

She said that MQM leaders are treated in the media like they are present at the court of justice. She said that media gives its verdicts against MQM even if that spoil someone’s life. She said that MQM has no objection on arresting criminals but the way that was adopted was wrong. She said that the operation in Karachi should be conducted but nobody should be made target of it.


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