1 May, 2015 14:45

Nadeem Malik Live - 30th April 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/04/30/nadeem-malik-live-ttp-ki-tarah-mqm-par-bhi-pabandi-lagai-jaye-rao-anwar-30th-april-2015/






RAO ANWAR SSP MALEER KARACHI said that he is a SSP in police department and he can hold a press conference. He said that he will make recommendation to ban MQM through proper channel. He said that he has many documentary proofs against MQM and he will present them in the court. He said that he participated in the operation in 1992 and is on hit list of MQM. He said that all the policed officers participated in the operation against MQM in 1992 have been killed and he is the only one alive. He said that the two MQM workers arrested today are government employees. He said that many of MQM people are living abroad but they get their salaries in Pakistan.

He said that MQM send its workers to India to get training they are more than fifty people. He said that TTP was banned because it was killing innocent people and MQM does the same thing. He said that MQM was established as the sympathizer of the Urdu speaking people but has deviated from its motives.

He said that according to the law the police officer is supposed to conduct investigations and he will make the recommendations about the punishment.

He said that the brother of Javed Langra lives in India he is the citizen of India and a worker of Janata party.

He said that Pakistan has reached to the point where we are right now because of the compromises we keep making. He said that the objections are being raised about the procedure because the political figures have been arrested.

He said that the unit incharge of MQM provided the accommodation to the two people arrested. He said that he arrested Tahir Lamba and Junaid of MQM day before yesterday. He said that he will move forward the recommendation of banning MQM after the JIT is done.

JUSTICE (R) TARIQ MAHMOOD said that SSP is supposed to conduct investigations he can not hold press conference. He said that a representative of the federal government can hold the press conference. He said that the pres conference of SSP will increase the difficulties and its consequences will be horrendous. He said that what Rao Anwar is saying must be true but consideration should be paid to its results. He said that he is surprised that a SSP continued his press conference for one hour but nobody gave him shut up call.

DR MUSSADIQ OF PML-N said that the federal government will move according to the law if some people are arrested the evidence should be presented against them. He said that the PM will give his response after Rao Anwar will provide evidence against the people arrested.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that Rao Anwar is a well repute brave police officer if he has arrested some people he must have some evidence against them. He said that the press conference of Rao Anwar was just like a press conference held after the arrest of a car snatcher. He said that we have to think that why whenever rangers or police arrest a criminal its connection is established with MQM. He said that Rao Anwar must have crossed the limits by holding the press conference but he must have the evidence against the people arrested.


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