29 May, 2015 11:38

Nadeem Malik Live - 28th May 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/05/28/nadeem-malik-live-bol-tv-ki-nashriyat-bund-karnay-ka-hukum-28th-may-2015/






SHAHEEN SAHBAI OF JANG GROUP said that the owners of Axact and Bol are the same investigations will open a Pandora box. He said that if black money is used to launch Bol then the investigation about other channels can also be started. He said that tax is a separate issue FBR should collect taxes from everybody.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that according to the information the Axact affairs were not transparent but our institutions are showing so much swiftness. He said that the investigations are underway PIMRA should have waited to shut down Bol TV.

He said that form 15 provides the information about the number of votes issued, used and returned it makes sure that elections were fair. He said that our election commission is incompetent that made the elections controversial. He said that there was discrepancy of 519 votes between national and provincial constituencies in his area why the election commission did not check this out. He said that the absence of form 15 made the elections controversial and now everybody is paying the price for it. He said that if a RO or presiding officer does not perform his duty properly he should be punished severely.

SHAH FARMAN OF PTI said that judicial commission has ordered to open the bags but it was the duty of the election commission. He said that objection was raised in his constituency he told them to have recounting and he won the election after the recounting as well. He said that form 14 and 15 are absent, votes are unverifiable and extra votes were printed what else the definition of rigging is? He said that what judicial commission is doing now should have done by the election commission. He said that the issue of rigging is not about PTI, PPPP or PML-N it is about correcting the system.

KASHMALA TARIQ OF PML-N said that formation of judicial commission is a big achievement. She said that according to her information seventy percent of form 15 are present and thirty percent are missing. She said that PM has stated that if the rigging is proved he will call for reelections. She said that the project of Pak-China corridor is about to begin and the economy is getting stability the government should let to continue for five years. She said that everybody picks on the politicians but nobody can touch the beaurocracy in Pakistan.

She said that to keep next elections uncontroversial the whole focus should be on the electronic voting system.


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