#Rangers setup heatstroke Centres in #Karachi

Rangers setup heatstroke Centres in Karachi

Due to immense rush at Government Hospitals due to constant inflow of people suffering from heat stroke, affectees are requested to move towards camps established by Rangers at following 10 locations in the city. Heat Stroke Relief Centres are equiped with requisite medical arrangements, doctors and paramedics and are operating round the clock at following locations .

1. Rangers Training Centre and College, Toll Plaza Tel: 36871683

2. Sindh Rangers Hospital, Block A, North Nazimabad, Tel: 36670725

3. HQ 53 Wing, Baldia Town, Tel: 32814044

4. HQ 93 Wing, People’s Football Stadium, Mauripur Road, Tel: 32032629

5. HQ 91 Wing, SITE Stadium, Tel: 32597050
6. HQ 72 Wing, Kala Pull, Tel: 99202545 & 99205489

7. HQ 83 Wing, Jamia Milia Malir, Tel: 34491746

8. HQ 82 Wing, Muzaffarabad Colony,
Tel: 35080167

9. HQ 63 Wing, Karachi University Tel : 99261056

10. HQ 44 Wing, North Karachi, Tel: 36493000


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