16 July, 2015 12:54

Nadeem Malik Live - 15th July 2015 http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/91028/Nadeem-Malik-Live-15th-July-2015.aspx






ASAD UMER OF PTI said that Mullah Umer endorsement to peace talks is very good news for Pakistan. He said that as long there will be no peace in Afghanistan there will be no peace in Pakistan either. He said that eversince Ashraf Ghani has come into power in Afghanistan his attitude towards Pakistan is very supportive. He said that TTP main leadership is hiding along the border in Afghanistan side they should be pursued from both sides of the border.

He said that the situation in Karachi is not heading to right direction the PM should interfere in it. He said that the PM should make it clear in a meeting that action will be taken against the criminals.

He said that Zardari has not backed off from his stance he will show his reaction again as the situation changes. He said that the system can collapse if the cases in NAB against the big fishes are opened.

He said that in his opinion the accountability has become essential it should act upon now. He said that the politicians must be hold accountable because they are responsible to run the country and not the military. He said that he asked for tax audit of the politicians and the parliamentarian’s reaction was not healthy on it.

He said that the military is being run with the money of the people if there is an accountability process in progress in the institution its details should be made public.

NABEEL GABOL POLITICIAN said that MQM demanded for operation in Karachi but now when it is in progress they have objections on it. He said that there are many cases in the courts in London against MQM leaders to release the pressure they are raising objections on Karachi operation. He said that Altaf Hussain knows that after the cases of money laundering and murder case of Dr Imran Farooq he does not have much time left. He said that in his opinion the arrests of MQM leaders will begin from tonight. He said that MQM is threatening to offer Dharna in Karachi if they do so article 245 can be imposed like Islamabad.

He said that if NAB chairman is unable to do anything he should resign. He said that a operation clean up against corruption should be in effect in every department besides the military. He said that the names of six PPPP ministers are on ECL list and Sharjeel Memon has gone to Dubai with permission for three days.

MAKHDOOM AMIN FAHEEM OF PPPP said that this thing should be clarified that the rangers were given mandate against terrorism only or overall. He said that a meeting should be held with MQM to pacify their concerns.

SHAHEEN SAHBAI JOURNALIST said that Zardari used aggressive language against the military but then retrieved which is a good sign. He said that talks should be held with MQM to address their concerns. He said that in his opinion there will be action now and some MQM leaders will be arrested. He said that the situation of the country now heading towards the direction where the system can collapse. He said that pre bargain comes into effect only when someone accepts his guilt such people should not be allowed to be the part of the system again.

He said that there is news about accountability process in the military but there is no official word on it as yet.


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