12 August, 2015 11:52

Nadeem Malik Live - 11th August 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/08/11/nadeem-malik-live-kasur-scandal-nay-puri-qaum-ko-hila-dala-11th-august-2015/






ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the trauma that sexually molested children in Kasur have faced will haunt them through out of their life. He said that the children were sexually molested there videos were made and then used for blackmailing. He said that it is beyond Rana Sana Ullah capacity to investigate Kasur tragedy CM should have form an investigating committee. He said that the identity of sexually molested children should not be revealed. He said that we should not be strangled in the debate that how many children were sexually molested in Kasur. He said that psychiatrists should also be hired to help the victimized children. He said that Kasur incident does not belong to the civil society it is the responsibility of the government.

FIRDOS ASHIQ AWAN OF PPPP said that we have to see that Kasur incident JIT does not end up like Model Town incident. She said that the government people are also involve in Kasur tragedy.

FARZANA BARI SOCIAL WORKER said that the girls are also victimized in Kasur tragedy besides the boys. She said that the government should become a party in Kasur incident because video evidence is available there. She said that the way government is trying to portray Kasur incident she has no confidence on the JIT formed by the government. She said that some credible names should be included in the JIT that the nation could trust on.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that the number of the victimized children in Kasur is seven if the commissioner Lahore has the evidence of greater number he should bring it forward. He said that even today if someone has the complaint regarding Kasur tragedy his case will be registered. He said that regardless of the number of the children victimized in Kasur the group of the accused is the same. He said that the accused are between the ages of eighteen and twenty two. He said that some offenders in the videos are the one who were victims before. He said that there should be no exaggeration about the number of victimized children. He said that a JIT has been formed the actual number of the victims will be determined by it. He said that all the accused in Kasur tragedy have been arrested.

He said that no one can be punished on video evidence only as long he will not testify.

He said that the blame for every thing is put on the government why the NGO’s did not take the notice of molestation that was going on since 2006. He said the tragedies like Kasur help NGO’s to run their business and the collect dollars from abroad.


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