21 August, 2015 12:14

Nadeem Malik Live (MQM Aur Hukumat Kay Darmeyan Mazakarat…) - 20th August 2015http://www.zemtv.com/2015/08/20/nadeem-malik-live-mqm-aur-hukumat-kay-darmeyan-mazakarat-20th-august-2015/






SHIREEN MAZARI OF PTI said that it is good thing that the government and the military are on same page apart from MQM everybody wants Karachi operation to succeed. She said that the feed back from the people of Karachi reflects that the situation of the city is gradually improving. She said that America today gave a wrong statement that they are not satisfied with operation Zarb-e-Azb and stopping the coalition support fund. She said that who is America to be satisfied or unsatisfied from operation Zarb-e-Azb Pakistan government should send a strong message.

She said that the government did not active NECTA that was going to centralize everything to run the operation. She said that operation is going on in FATA and the terrorists are coming to the cities but there is no arrangement to circumscribe them. She said that there is a need to start operation against the terrorists in Punjab simultaneously.

She said that Karachi operation should not be rolled back now its consequences will be devastating. She said that no political party should be targeted in contrast of the operation in Karachi. She said that the peace can only be achieved if all the stake holders will offer full support to it.

Lt Gen (R) AMJAD SHOAIB said that so many of terrorists have been granted bails and many are waiting for their trials. He said that the judiciary has imposed the condition of judicial review on the military courts that will create the hurdles. He said that MQM shrewdly has freed itself from the responsibility saying that only religious extremist’s cases should go to the military courts. He said that the terrorists should be proceeded swiftly otherwise the jails can be broken and the terrorists can run away.

He said that Punjab government made a criminal delay in the operation against the terrorists. He said that Punjab government is aware that the sectarian terrorists are living in the Southern Punjab.

He said that the justice can not be got from the courts the judges and the witnesses are being killed. He said that the government has not constituted any committee to review the criminal justice system.

SHOAIB SADAL FORMER IG POLICE KARACHI said that the operation in progress against the terrorists is a rare opportunity for our country to get rid of the terrorists. He said that this operation ahs a complete support of the rangers military and ISI. He said that we have dire need to stop funding of the terrorists first. He said that Karachi or Punjab we need to put all those people fighting terrorists under one roof. He said that we need to sentence terrorists on daily basis. He said that we are not letting the system work we need a different kind of effort.

He said that the top leadership of the terrorists should be eliminated first it resolves so many big problems. He said that the rangers are in Karachi for last twenty sis years it will make no difference if they stay there couple of years more.

He said that Rasheed Godal said that he will not see September it is a clue that who targeted him.

UMER KHITAB IGPOLICE said that two motorcyclists hit Rasheed Godal. He said that there was a silencer put on the gun used to hit Rasheed Godal. He said that same weapon was used to hit Rasheed Godal and his driver. He said that the video of attack on Rasheed Godal is very brief and it does not clarify anything.


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