18 September, 2015 11:23

Pervez Musharraf in Nadeem Malik Live - 17th September 2015








He said that when he took over the government he was not popular like Raheel Sharif but one thing is common that the government was very unpopular. He said that operation against terrorism and corruption is on and it has made Raheel Sharif very popular and he is happy for him. He said that there should be at least one person people could believe that is doing good job and Raheel Sharif is certainly doing it. He said that taking over the government is not an easy thing some thing happens in the mind of the army chief then he does so. He said that in his opinion judiciary should lead and the military should back it. He said that we need reforms in the political, constitutional, civil service and provincial structure. He said that we need reforms that judiciary should ratify and the military should support it. He said that he tried to introduce reforms in his last days he thought that his party will win the elections but it could not happen. He said that his government put the country on track in first three years for the welfare and the prosperity of the people. He said that he reformed the police ordinance of 1861 but the current government has reversed it back. He said that the parliament passes the bills and eighteenth amendment is against Pakistan and enmity with the country.

He said that he wishes that Raheel Sharif does not take the retirement but continue because Pakistan can not afford his departure. He said that if the system is not changed everything will come to zero.

He said that the operation that is going on in Sindh is a good thing. He said that no body is his friend his friend is Pakistan only. He said that even if his brother does something wrong he will not support him. He said that everybody criticizes MQM like others are angels.

He said that Mohajir and Pathans were fighting in Karachi MQM was behind Mohajir and ANP was backing Pathans. He said that when Peoples Aman Committee was fighting with Mohajir MQM was supporting Mohajir and PPPP to People Aman Committee. He said that when he was in college the student that kept pistol or knife in his pocket used to belong to Jamiat. He said that there is impression that institutions are after only one party that is not true Dr Asim does not belong to MQM.

He said that Zardari says that he spent many years in jail in fact he was in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital having good time there.

He said that every political party will pay for its deeds. He said that money laundering and the murder case of Dr Imran Farooq are very close to there conclusion.

He said that MQM is the only representative party of urban Sindh no other party is even on number two. He said that when he took over the power there used to be no traffic on the roads of Karachi after nine O, clocks. He said that he got support of MQM used them for Karachi so they could be kept in control. He said that the impression of the whole country about MQM is that it is a terrorist and extortionist party. He said that in the presence of strong leader like Altaf Hussain new leadership does not forward.

He said that if there is no change takes place in the country ten the future of Nawaz Sharif is very bright. He said that if other political parties want to play their role they have to emerge together.

He said that may be Raheel Sharif interferes in some issues but he is not governing the country.

He said that he wants to go overseas for treatment he has a hair line fracture in his back bone. He said that he will definitely come back to the country after the treatment.

He said that advisor to PM has stated that Pakistan should deal India with diplomacy. He said that he is completely disagreed with advisor to PM point of view. He said that Modi belongs to anti Muslim organization RSS and recently he presented a report of his performance so far to RSS. He said that if thirty or forty Indian planes attack on Pakistan Insha Allah they will not go back they will be knocked down.

He said that Bajpai was a balance personality the relationships between the two countries were improved during his government. He said that Man Mohan Singh was also a good person.

He said that he never denied to meet Bajpai on his arrival to Pakistan he only said that he will not go to Wagha to receive him in uniform. He said that he did not go to Wagha because thousands of people come there they hustle and have no manners. He said that he told PM that he will not go to Wagha and he was agreed. He said that Bajpai was supposed to come to governor house and he said that he will come there and he also saluted Bajpai. He said that he does not like Modi but if he comes to Pakistan he will salute him because it is protocol.

He said that except for China Pakistan has been isolated in the world and India is putting pressure on us. He said that India is giving us tough time through Afghanistan so Pakistan should also start proxy tactics. He said that India has many weaknesses as well we can exploit and in the past we have done so. He said that there are more Muslims in India and they are very irritated India should not mess with Pakistan.

He said that we need to adopt a holistic approach against terrorism. He said that Pakistan is taking very effective action against the terrorists in FATA.

He said that a movement for separation is going on in Balochistan and their main leadership has gone to overseas.

He said that the sectarian violence is mainly in Punjab.

He said that Nawaz Sharif should control the corruption and stop nepotism.


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