23 September, 2015 10:55

Inline image 1http://www.awaztoday.tv/News-Talk-Shows/96889/Nadeem-Malik-Live-RAW-Agents-Revelations-About-MQM-22nd-September-2015.aspx






MOTHER CAPTAIN ASFAND YAR SHAHEED said that her son fought with terrorists for the sake of Allah. She said that the terrorists killed the people gathered for prayer and defamed Islam. She said that may Allah accept her son’s martyrdom. She said that she will say to the mothers whom sons are at front line against terrorists that keep strong heart. She said that what terrorists did that is not taught by Islam killing Nimazi is no Islam.

She said that her son was not on duty he went there voluntarily. She said that a Brigadier tried to stop him and told to wait for back up but he said no it will be too late and lot of lives will be lost. She said that her son said that he will go he took the gun and jacket of a soldier and went up front to attack. She said that eversince APS incident took place he was very upset and wanted to kill every responsible with his own hands.

MIAN ATEEQ OF MQM said that he was with Captain Asfand Yar family he salutes the courage of his father and brothers he saw there.

He said that the parties that asked to start operation in Karachi MQM is included in them. He said that MQM workers are presented in the courts with their face covered and handcuffed it is distinctive treatment. He said that Altaf Hussain has been banned because of his statement but no notice has been taken on the statements of others.

He said that Rana San Ullah also has allegations of terrorism so PML-N should start the operation from home.

NUSRAT NADEEM OF MQM said that he salutes Captain Asfand Yar paradise is guaranteed for him but he prays for his higher status in Jannah. He said that it is lamenting that events of nineties are being tried to be revitalized. He said that it is unfortunate for Pakistan that some people have adopted irresponsible attitude same thing was done in 1971 as well. He said that he rejects all the allegations on him they were proven false in the past and they will be now too.

He said that like Balochistan past should be forgotten and a new beginning should be initiated with MQM as well. He said that in 2001 DGISI had talks with MQM and new beginning was started. He said that the initiative has been taken from MQM now establishment should move forward too. He said that they are the children of those who sacrificed everything for Pakistan being.

ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that Pakistan and the future generations will remember the sacrifice of Captain Asfand Yar. He said that Captain Asfand Yar gave this message to the terrorists that he can protect and sacrifice his life for Pakistan. He said that every youth of Pakistan will face terrorists like Captain Asfand Yar that will give his life for the sovereignty of Pakistan.

He said that the government, military and all political parties are united to clean up Karachi from extortion, target killing and terrorism. He said that what the fault was of those who received the chit of extortion and lost their lives in target killing. He said that what the fault was of those who were burned alive in the factory. He said that the issue of Balochistan is different than the scenario of MQM.

MIAN MAHMOOD U RASHEED OF PTI said that extortion, target killing and terrorism are going on in Karachi for last twenty five years. He said that the armed wings of political parties should be eliminated on the bases of the decision of SC. He said that ninety nine percent of extortionists and target killers are arrested from nine zero. He said that across the board operation should be conducted against all political parties. He said that people of Karachi have taken the sigh of relief and focusing on their business eversince the operation has been started.

He said that MQM top leadership has given controversial statements about Pakistan, military and RAW. He said that MQM is a party of middle class people all of them are not terrorists another chance should be given if they are willing for a new beginning.


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