6 October, 2015 16:15



http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 05-OCTOBER-2015



RAJA PERVEZ ASHRAF FORMER PM OF PAKISTAN said that evidence is needed to prove any case extension in the bail means that British government do not have enough proof against Altaf Hussain. He said that no main stream party should remain out of the politics it is in the best interest of the country. He said that MQM is very active in the politics of one province of Pakistan. He said that we need to support operation Zarb-e-Azb and Karachi operation putting all the differences behind.

He said that he always says that it is important to know the facts before accusing anybody. He said that Nandipur Projected was initiated in the government of Pervez Musharaf. He said that during PPPP government the ministry delayed one year to taking the decision on Nandipur Project. He said that PML-N government suddenly raised the cost of Nandipur Project and took it to hundred billion rupees. He said that audit should be done of Nandipur Project by a reputed firm. He said that as much the current government has destroyed power sector there is no example of it in the past. He said that Khawaja Mohammad Asif is responsible for the failure of Nandipur Project because he is the minister of water and power. He said that the government has plundered rupees sixty billion out of Nandipur Project. He said that there should be investigations of Nandipur Project and responsible should be punished.

He said that NAB should not have pre-bargain system culprits should be investigated and punished. He said that it was not PPPP but previous government that formed rental power policy.

He said that PPPP has received complaints that too much money is being spent in NA-122. He said that election commission should interfere and catch that cross the limit.

He said that Ch Iftikhar is going to form his own party it means his mind was political as CJ of Pakistan. He said that now a day only a very rich person can form a political party.

He said that he wrote the letter to Ch Iftikhar to form a commission to investigate him and appoint someone of his own choice for investigations. He said that Ch Iftikhar was furious that why I wrote him the letter although I made a humble request to him.

He said that nobody should be accused without evidence.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that the government, speaker and today the chairman of senate have given their verdict in the favour of MQM. He said that MQM has the mandate of Karachi and the government wants them to come back in the parliament. He said that if MQM have reservations they should come to the parliament why they are losing forums to express themselves.

He said that Nandipur Project started during the government of PPPP and not even one penny has been spent more that fifty eight billion rupees.

He said that PML-N has filed a complaint in the election commission against excessive spending by the PTI candidate. He said that the result of NA-122 will come in the favour of PML-N. He said that PML-N will defeat PTI with margin of more than double votes.

WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that MQM want to get rid of the allegation of money laundering and deny this accusation. He said that MQM will come out as innocent in the money laundering case.

He said that MQM has rendered its resignations according to the procedure and openly. He said that what chairman said today was also with accordance of law and MQM legal experts will consider it and give their opinion.

He said that Nandipur Project should be audited by some independent audit firm. He said that experts should be appointed to do different jobs and their work should be monitored if there is any wrong doing. He said that NAB offers the option of pre-bargain people give money and get away with their crime.


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