4 November, 2015 11:23



http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 03-NOVEMBER-2015



QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that the ban ob Altaf Hussain pictures and speeches should remain effective. He said that constitution forbids talking against the judiciary and the military but talking against the country is greater crime. He said that if some person or a judge has done something wrong he should be criticized but blame should not be put on the whole institution. He said that first we put a charge sheet against someone and later we say that settlement has been done in the case. He said that if a crime has been committed there should be no settlement on it. He said that if the FIR has been registered about some case the government has no authority to withdraw or having negotiations on the case.

He said that the results of the local body elections do not reflect the voter’s trend they depend on the personalities. He said that PPPP won the local body elections in Sindh because it has its own government and police officers there.

He said that if unopposed winners of local body elections in Sindh have done some thing wrong a complaint should be filed with election commission. He said that provincial governments were not ready for local government elections they are held on the stress of SC. He said that chief ministers of the provinces want to keep power in their own hands. He said that as much authority was given to local governments during Musharaf government it has not been given before.

He said that he won the local body election from Lala Musa because he approached his workers there and reconciliated with resented workers.

He said that people do not contest local body elections for the betterment of the system but to abase the opponents.

DR MUSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that he believes that the institutions have to draw a line.

He said that the trend of voting in the local body is the same like 2013. He said that the continuation of the democracy is the more important thing than the reforms in the election system. He said that local body system is being considered as the alternate of the democracy in the country.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he is agreed with Qamar Zaman Kaira if crime is committed be Altaf Hussain the punishment should be allotted.

He said that he told Imran Khan that PTI can win five to ten percent seats in local body elections in Sindh. He said that PTI has won four and half percent of the seats in local body elections in Sindh.

He said that PPPP is the largest party of Sindh and has won the local body elections there. He said that there were two hundred candidates of PTI for the local body elections and FIR are registered against all of them. He said that seven hundred candidates of PPPP were elected unopposed it is a strange kind of trend. He said that divorce papers were sent to a woman in Umer Kot threatening that if the vote is not cost in the favor the divorce will become affected.

He said that PTI, PML-N and PPPP are working to bring improvement in the electoral system but the real problem is there implementation.

He said that then people who made mistakes in the election of 2013 there should be system to punish them.

He said that the judiciary is failing in Pakistan the cases of Kanjoo and Ayyan Ali are the examples.

BARRISTER SAIF OF MQM said that the case that is in the court should not be discussed. He said that MQM has no objection on the court’s decision but that public prosecutor should have presented the point of view of the government.


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