5 November, 2015 09:34

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http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 04-NOVEMBER-2015



WASEEM AKHTER OF MQ said that Ishaq Dar, Pervez Rasheed even Nawaz Sharif was against the ban on Altaf Hussain speeches and picture. He said that Nawaz Sharif said that we have democracy in the country there should be no ban on freedom of speech. He said that the public prosecutor was advocating the petition of a common man in the court instead of the government. He said that he was in a talk show the anchor took Pervez Rasheed n line and he was unaware of the act of the public prosecutor. He said that Pervez Rasheed reiterated that the government point of vie is the freedom of speech.

He said that the people Altaf Hussain wants to know what he meant well understand his words. He said that there are people who challenged the military and Imran Khan invited NATO as well. He said that Imran Khan said that you gather thirty thousand people and military general will pee in his pants and Khawaja Asif statement is on record as well. He said that the action should be taken against every one why only Altaf Hussain?

He said that if MQM has connection with RAW why it is being invited to come back to the parliament. He said that Imran Khan said that Taliban should have the permission to open their office in Pakistan.

He said that the police are not properly trained in Karachi and blame for every thing is put on MQM. He said that rangers are working in Karachi for last twenty six years how weapons from KPK reach to the city.

He said that if MQM is responsible for the killing of the police officers in Karachi then why no one from MQM has been arrested. He said that MQM invited the military to Karachi for operation because the police itself was involved in the killing.

He said that only couples of hundred thousand pounds were found in the house of Altaf Hussain. He said that any big political party can carry some money as petty cash.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the government is not interested to ban Altaf Hussain right of freedom of speech or any other person. He said that MQM point of view is right they were assured by the government that they are against the ban on freedom of speech. He said that MQM should clear its own case instead of blaming others.

He said that the military is called for help in case of any calamity in the whole world even in America. He said that PML-N has spent more money on education and clean water that the government of KPK.

He said that MQM and Musharaf were the associates and very powerful as well.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that it seems that the government is not aware that what is happening around. He said that PTI also believes in freedom of speech. He said that in his personal opinion Altaf Hussain speeches are very long and hard to understand. He said that the impression from Altaf Hussain speeches reflected that he wants UNO and India to intervene in Pakistan. He said that Altaf Hussain invited NATO and RAW in one of his live speech.

He said that just criticism can be done against judiciary but we can not blame all the judges. He said that we can talk about the military and operation Zarb-e-Azb.

He said that we have to invite the military for any little calamity because we have not invested on rescue equipment. He said that we have not trained the police for emergency situations. He said that the military is called for help in big calamities in the world.

He said that the second operation in Karachi was conducted by the police and all the officers that participated were killed one after another.

He said that the civil institutions should replace the rangers in Karachi now but the question is how?


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