13 November, 2015 11:08



http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 12-NOVEMBER-2015



ZULFIQAR MIRZA OF PPPP said that he is Peoples Party competing with Asif League and that is attacking on his election rallies. He said that Badeen district will prove waterloo for Asif Zardari and he will win the local body elections there. He said that he will like to make a small request to make the arrangements for transparent elections. He said that elections should be held under the supervision of the military. He said that if the elections are not transparent it will bring a chaos that government will be unable to control. He said that he is asking for the military of Pakistan whereas Altaf Hussain and Asif Zardari have invited Indian army and RAW.

He said that Karachi operation is going well but there is no contribution of Sindh government in it. He said that the pressure is mounting on Sindh government that is why it has canceled many lands allotted to the people. He said that twenty acres land in Thatta and six thousand in Badeen the forest land has been cancelled that has been allotted to Anwar Majeed that running the company named Omni. He said that six thousand acres land was given to Nasir Luta the president of Crescent Bank and the friend of Asif Zardari. He said that he is saying from day one that the company named Omni belongs to Asif Ali Zardari. He said that Anwar Majeed is the front man of Asif Ali Zardari in the company named Omni and it is making hell of money.

SHAHI SYED OF ANP said that Karachi operation has brought improvement and the whole world is saying it. He said that there is lot of corruption in Sindh and he can rely on Allah and the military only there is no hope from Sindh government. He said that the corruption is the greater problem than the terrorism. He said that the CJ said during his address to the parliament that if you will not do your job Suo Moto notice will come.

He said that the first raid of rangers was on an ANP office and they entered in by breaking the door.

AJAZ CH OF PTI said that Karachi operation is across the board and there are many proof of it. He said that there are so many angles of national action plan that have not been worked upon as yet. He said that the government is spending so much money on metro bus and train but doing nothing for the people of FATA.

LORD NAZIR BRITISH POLITICIAN said that first time the doors of the Ten Downing Street are closed and Modi is brought in through the back door. He said that David Cameron has welcomed Modi in London just to get the business.


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