3 December, 2015 10:59



http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 02-DECEMBER-2015



ZULFIQAR MIRZA OF PPPP said that hen won the local body elections because the military and rangers did not let rigging happen in his area. He said that where rigging took place PPPP won the elections there. He said that is why he is demanding for reelections in Sindh under the supervision of the military and rangers.

He said that in the local body elections in Karachi his sympathies are with the parties against the government. He said that he is supporting PTI and JI in the local body elections in Karachi. He said that there will be close contest in the local body elections in Karachi but MQM is going to have edge on other parties. He said that the people of Karachi are intimidated by MQM it is quite possible that they could not practice their right of vote freely. He said that after two or three elections in Karachi people will come out of the fear of MQM and their confidence will be restored.

He said that the way and the area that was chosen to attack on the military is a clear indication that MQM is responsible for it. He said that one military officer was kidnapped and murdered and the governor of Sindh was involved in it.

He said that Asif Zardari will never come back to Pakistan he got the disease of incurable diarrhea. He said that wherever anti Zardari league powers are competing he will shake hand with them. He said that he is not going to join any political party instead he is trying to establish his own political party.

He said that Dr Asim is destined to go to the jail he will remain in jail and can not get away with his crime.

He said that the apex committee has decided to recruit eight thousand new personals. He said that the peace can be restored in Karachi if the recruitment of police is done transparently through the army.

KHUSH BAKHT SHUJAT OF MQM said that Zulfiqar Mirza is accusing MQM for a while now and two days prior to the elections he is accusing again for some thing without any evidence. She said that the attack on the military is the attack on the state. She said that there should be investigations of the attack on the military and whoever political party, worker or the institution is involved in it should be hanged. She said that the operation in Karachi and Zarb-e-Azb should continue till the last terrorist caught.

She said that there is an atmosphere of feast in Karachi because of the local body elections the media should not confuse people whether they should go for voting or not. She said that the recent terrorist attack on the military is another step to sabotage the local body elections in Karachi. She said that MQM does not feed Biryani to get the votes of the people its vote bank is intact. She said that MQM opposition parties have formed the coalition because of their weakness.

She said that the mayor of Karachi will have no authority because they are not allotted any authority.

ALI ZAIDI OF PTI said that the people who attacked on the military are nothing but the terrorists. He said that there are many handicaps of the judicial system in Pakistan. He said that the person that caught Ayyan Ali is killed now where the witness will come from?

He said that if the law enforcement agencies have enough man power the elections should be held on 5th of December as per scheduled. He said that 3rd of December is the Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain and one day later the local body elections are scheduled that is why PTI asked to postpone them for two days.

He said that if today rangers are removed from Karachi the success they gained will go wasted the permanent solution is the policing in the city. He said that the rangers are deployed in Karachi for last twenty three years but the operation is started just now.

He said that MQM has formed coalition with Molana Fazal U Rehman for local body elections in Karachi.

He said that the water problem can be resolved by restoring peace in Karachi because the problems of the city are interconnected. He said that about twenty thousand tons garbage is gathered in Karachi two thousand tons is dumped in the slump but eighteen thousand tons is burnt on the roads of the city.

He said that if MQM takes credit for good work done in Karachi the blame of the bad work also goes to this party because they are in power for last thirty years.

NISAR KHORRO OF PPPP said that the decisions made in the apex committee today have nothing to do with the local body elections. He said that no dead line was given to establish peace in Karachi before the local body elections.

He said that the rangers are told to continue their operation there should be no hindrance. He said that the military gave itself two years span to restore peace in Karachi and one year still left to its completion.


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