10 December, 2015 09:28




http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 09-DECEMBER-2015



SHERI REHMAN OF PPPP said that Afghanistan is the core issue in the dialogues between Pakistan and India. She said that Sushma Soraj has given such a statement that the message should be delivered and international pressure should be removed from India. She said that there is a wave of being biased and extremism in India. She said that it is lamenting that the dialogues of the past have been discarded and new process will start all over again.

She said that it is not right to give invitation to India to play cricket with Pakistan over and over against we should move forward now.

She said that the Kashmiri should be the part of the dialogues between Pakistan and India. She said that the desires of the Kashmiri’s should be the part of the dialogues between Pakistan and India.

She said that Mumbai attacks are mentioned in the joint statement between Pakistan and India but not the incident of Samjhota Express.

She said that the joint statement between Pakistan and India that was issued in Ufa the word Kashmir was missing in it. She said that even minor things are considered in the wording of the joint statement that is not taken care of in the current statement.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that Pakistan did not discussed India in the election campaign whereas Modi delivered his speeches mentioning the name of Nawaz Sharif during his election campaign. He said that Delhi dialogues were failed because of Sushma Soraj and Advani and India establishment was with them.

He said that resolving the Kashmir issue without Kashmiri will be a preposterous thing. He said that India thinks that it is the greatest power in the world after America now. He said that India believes that it can enforce its neighbors to be submissive using the might.

He said that the government did not make any mistake in the joint statement wording but acted as per its policy.

YASIN MALIK OF HURRIAT CONFERENCE said that the first thing is this if the Indian PM is ready to have dialogues or not. He said that Indian PM has stated that he will talk to Pakistan on Azad Kashmir and not on occupied Kashmir. He said that India is not serious on resolving the Kashmir problem. He said that the dialogues will continue with India but the Kashmir problem will not be resolved. He said that the Muslims of Jammu are living in the atmosphere of terror and intimidation. He said that people re returning their awards because intolerance is rising in India.

MOEEN HAIDER FORMER INTERIOR MINISTER said that India delivered speeches against Pakistan on every forum of the world and put pressure on the control line. He said that Pakistan provided the proof of Indian terrorism to the world through diplomatic way. He said that Modi agreed for dialogues with Pakistan because of the backlash against him in India and under the pressure of America and Britain.

AMIR SOHAIL FORMER TEST CRICKET CAPTAIN said that the PCB brought embarrassment for the PM and the PM also embarrassed himself. He said that Nawaz Sharif gave the protocol of head of state to Sushma Soraj and gave the seat to her to next to him. He said that Najam Sethi sat in the lap of the big three and he said that Pakistan will get the benefit of billion of rupees. He said that it should be asked to Najam Sethi who consider himself a intellectual that what he has achieved for Pakistan.


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