15 December, 2015 11:04



http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 14-DECEMBER-2015



SHEHLA RAZA OF PPPP said that the provincial government can call the rangers conditionally but needs to ratify the move from the provincial assembly. She said that Sindh assembly session was scheduled for Monday what went so wrong that interior minister issued the statement prior to it. She said that the extension of the stay of the rangers was on the agenda of the Sindh assembly but two small parties sabotage it.

She said that it is the discretion of the federal government to call the rangers and they did so but provincial government has to ratify it from the assembly in sixty days. She said that PPPP has simple majority in Sindh assembly and it will decide the extension of the stray of the rangers.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that all political parties are unanimous to have the Karachi operation completed by the rangers leaving it in the middle will be catastrophic for the country. He said that Sindh government does not want rangers to catch any minister or the member of the assembly in the connection with corruption. He said that the Sindh government had many chances to ratify the extension of the rangers but they did not. He said that PTI wants rangers to continue it operation and have authority to doing so.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that the things went wrong when PPPP said that the rangers kept Dr Asim in custody for ninety days but found nothing. He said that when a crime is not proved against someone he becomes victim instead of the brutish. He said that there is no conflict between the PM and the interior minister they both have the same point of view. He said that the Sindh government over reacted on the statement of the interior minister. He said that the delay in the extension of the stay of the rangers in Karachi and the excuses of PPPP are not right gestures.

He said that on the return of the PM the stay of the rangers will be extended and PPPP apprehensions will be addressed as well.

KUNWAR NAVEED OF MQM said that the point of view of MQM is that the rangers should act against the corruption in collaboration with the NAB. He said that the operation against the corruption should not be limited to Karachi only but it should be expanded to the whole of Sindh. He said that rangers also did many illegal acts they arrested MQM workers and later on killed them in extra judicial killing. He said that the Sindh government has actually delivered the message not to take it lightly. He said that when the moment to take the decision comes MQM will stand with the merit.


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