25 December, 2015 11:36


http://videos.samaa.tv/NadeemMalik/ 24-DECEMBER-2015



JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that the trend of the voters in the rural areas has also changed and he won from there as well. He said that he is thankful to Allah besides the people of Lodharan for his success. He said that in 2013 elections Kanjoo group bribed the RO to change the result. He said that his poling agent was kicked out and the doors were locked to tamper the result in 2013. He said that it not his victory it the victory of PTI his workers worked very hard in the election campaign. He said that PTI has made some mistakes but in the hearts of the people it is still valued as during the Dharna days.

He said that the candidate of PAT ran a massive election campaign and spent lot of money but managed to get only one thousand votes.

He said that only handful of people in PTI are opposing him through emails and text messages.

He said that PML-N policies have been failed and wherever he went people expressed their feelings about them. He said that he kept Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif in contest in Lodharan election because people are against the status quo. He said that PTI won only six union councils in the local body elections but now he got victory of over forty thousand votes from the same area. He said that with blessings of Allah he won from the union council of Siddique Baloch as well.

He said that had the military not deployed to Lodharan election the result could have been different. He said that PML-N had planned many ways of rigging which were unfolded by the military. He said that transparent elections are not possible without the military PML-N has done masters in the rigging. He said that election commission can not hold fair elections it does not has the capability of doing so. He said that he will raise the issue of election commission in the parliament. He said that PTI is not stubborn about rigging, the party wanted to prove that the rigging was done in the elections of 2013 and has proved it.

He said that we all pay taxes but metro bus service have been started for a small area what is the reason for it?

He said that he will also raise the issue of tax in the parliament that what is the life style of somebody and how much tax he is paying.

He said that rangers can not be pulled back federal government needs to make the Sindh government agreed on it or a big chaos is going to take place.

FAROOQ SATTAR OF MQM said that where there is double standard talking g about the constitution is like rhetoric slogans. He said that there is no problem if the common man is arrested like cattles. He said that PPPP and PML-N do not believe in NAB besides the rangers then who is going to catch corruption. He said that for five years PPPP government was both in the center and province but they did nothing for the peace in Karachi. He said that he believes that terror financing is just an excuse the operation will be diverted towards the corruption only in the future.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that the interior minister press conference really flared up the spat between Sindh and the federal government. He said that if the PM had tried to resolve the problem after returning from his foreign visit it would have been resolved. He said that according to the constitution CM Sindh is the captain of the operation but interior minister is threatening him. He said that PM has announced to resolve the problem on 28th of December on his visit to Karachi it is a good gesture. He said that only one person has been arrested for terror financing so far nobody else. He said that NAB and FIA should be used to catch the corruption. He said that terror financing is not being done in Karachi only people from Lahore. Pindi and Peshawar are also involved in the funding to Al-Quaeda. He said that PPPP is not trying to protect Dr Asim he has told every thing in the custody of ninety two days. He said that all the people involved in terror financing should be arrested from the whole of the country.


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