13 January, 2016 10:49







He said that he will not ask for apology in Akbar Bugti case why he should apologize to anybody. He said that is the responsibility of the people being killed these days can be put on the president? He said that Akbar Bugti went towards the mountains and a big explosion took place there. He said that five military officers went to have dialogues with him when explosion took place may be it was a suicidal explosion.

He said that the operation against the Lal Masjid was right at right time and it should be praised. He said that thirteen of our soldiers were martyred during the raid on Lal Masjid they are our hero but our media do not admire them. He said that SSG conducted the operation against Lal Masjid Ch Shujjat and others tried to convince them to surrender but they did not so they were killed. He said that the government did its best not to conduct operation against Lal Masjid but they killed two police officers and then the citizens of China. He said that the statement of Molana Abdul Aziz after the APS massacre of children was very negative.

He said that he wants to go abroad for the treatment of his illness but he will come back. He said that the military should support him because he is former army chief and the progress done in the armed forces during his tenure is never done before. He said that the first two tests of Ghori missile were failure they were fixed and tested successfully in his government.

He said that he does not contact General Raheel Sharif he and the government are going through a difficult phase and he does not wants to increase their difficulties. He said that the situation of Pakistan is not good at the moment but he will not comment on it. He said that the people establish their expectations from the military because there is no check and balance in the civil government.

He said that he believes that General Raheel Sharif should not get retirement he should continue. He said that the tenure of three years for COAS is not enough it should be prolonged to four.

He said that there should be operation against the sectarian groups in Punjab but the real action should be taken against the corruption. He said that there is no coordination and unity on the decision making between the federation and the provinces.

He said that the meeting of Nawaz and Modi and whispering in the ears is good thing but we have some serious issues with India they should be discussed.

He said that Kashmir is a disputed territory they people fighting there are not terrorists they are Mujahideens. He said that if the Kashmir issue is not resolved the incidents like Pathan Kot will continue to take place. He said that we do not need to be afraid of the Indian threats we will hit them from where they will feel lots of pain.

He said that he told Indian PM Bajpai and Man Mohan Singh that if they are serious to resolve the problems they need to be honest and show flexibility. He said that he does not have any hope that Modi is serious to resolve the issues between India and Pakistan. He said that Modi thinks that India can bulldoze Pakistan. He said that had Man Mohan Singh come to Pakistan in 2007 which he promised the issues of Siachin and Sir Kareek would have been resolved. He said that a treaty was decided on Siachin and Sir Kareek that the forces of the both countries will pull back up to a certain point. He said that Man Mohan Singh did not visit Pakistan because his popularity level was dropped in Pakistan. He said that India uses Afghan land its government and the agencies against Pakistan.

He said that he is happy that now Afghanistan, Pakistan, china and America are having dialogues on the issue of Afghanistan and India is not the part of it. He said that India has nothing to do with Afghanistan its border is not connected with Afghanistan either. He said that he told America that they should not drag India into Afghan issue they have nothing to do with it. He said that there is very wrong impression about Pakistan in the world and very good about India. He said that there are scattered incidents in Pakistan against the minorities but Muslims in India are massacred in big numbers but still the world says that India is the largest democracy in the world. He said that we do not present ourselves infront of the world properly.

He said that Nawaz Sharif does not have any real challenge from opposition at the moment but people of Pakistan are suffering. He said that Pakistan does need a third political power. He said that a personality and the platform are necessary to pull the crowd. He said that if the current political situation sustains PML-N will win the election in Punjab and PPPP in Sindh in 2018 as well. He said that the situation on terrorism has been improved but economic situation has been worsened.

He said that the role of the army in politics should be to monitor whether the civil government is working properly or not. He said that according to the constitution there is no room for army to play any kind of role in the government General Raheel must have been thinking about it.

He said that he wishes that the civil government performs well otherwise the military does its studies.


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