19 January, 2016 11:26






ABDUL ALEEM KHAN OF PTI said that the case of NA-122 is simple one but three months have gone hopefully election commission will deliver the decision now. He said that the person that changed the record of NADRA belongs to PML-N and he used to be the incharge of election campaign of Ayyaz Sadiq.

He said that it is time for elections in Azad Kashmir the government there belong to PPPP Nawaz Sharif wants PML-N to form the next government there. He said that the PM of Azad Kashmir himself has come on the road to protest if he is wrong the government should say that he is wrong.

He said that Punjab also has the law like Sindh government and PTI protested against it. He said that strengthening the prosecutor is one thing but prosecutor general is strengthened in the new law and he is the representative of the government.

He said that in the whole of the country where ever the rangers are needed to maintaining the law and order they should be dispatched there.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that PTI has wasted so much time of the nation by allegations of the rigging. He said that election commission never takes side of any party. He said that PTI could not prove the allegations of rigging in the judicial commission. He said that the peace has been restored in Karachi because of the operation of the rangers it should continue. He said that if the terrorists are present in South of Punjab the rangers operation should be conducted there as well.

KHAWAJA IZHAR UL HAQ OF MQM said that the way of governance and kingliness of the CM of Sindh confirms his party point of view. He said that there is no UC in Sindh that is not filthy and has piles of the garbage.

He said that it was decided in the APEX committee that prosecution will be strengthened but the new law is against it. He said that the special courts are also included in the new law they were not the part of it previously. He said that PPPP wants to restrict the national action plan to Karachi only.

He said that the rangers do not have powers in Punjab it should be allotted there as well.

He said that more extortion is being taken in Lahore and corpses in bags are being found in Islamabad as well.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that CM of Sindh has said that let us sit down and if there is any power that local body representatives do not have will be granted. He said that Punjab also has the kind of law Sindh has passed but nobody protested the situation is different there. He said that the prosecutor will only recommend freeing someone the final decision will be taken by the court. He said that the law and order has been restored in Karachi by the operation of the rangers why the Sindh government will spoil it.

He said that the interior minister of Punjab became the victim of terrorism and Tariq Fazal is saying that if the terrorists are present in Punjab the action should be taken against them. He said that the terrorist organizations are with the government of Punjab and PML-N won the elections under the protection of Taliban.

CH ABDUL MAJEED PM AZAD KASHMIR said that he is going to protest infront of the PM house because Kashmir council funds have not been released as yet. He said that when a ruler becomes viceroy of king then such things happen. He said that the government is giving their funds to PML-N candidates because the elections are going to be held in Azad Kashmir after four months. He said that the government has no authority to give the funds of Kashmir council to PML-N candidates. He said that nobody is listening to him he has talked to many people including the PM in last six months.


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