20 January, 2016 14:47






DR MUSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that PML-N always says that whatever decision of the courts will be we will accept it. He said that if the decision of NA-110 goes against PML-N we will contest in the reelection.

He said that the case of treason against Hussain Haqqani will be completed but when he will be present in Pakistan.

He said that the PM visit to Saudi Arabia and Iran is the continuation of Pakistan foreign policy.

He said that some arrests have been made after the attack on Pathan Kot Base but will not tell the name of the person or the organization yet.

He said that when Obama goes on foreign visits he takes his family and daughters with him. He said that when ZA Bhutto went to visit Moscow he took Benazir Bhutto with him.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that he is hopeful that there will be reelection in the constituency of Khawaja Saad Rafiq too. He said that if thirty five percent of form 14 and 15 are missing how it can be called a transparent election.

He said that when Khawaja Asif filed a case against Hussain Haqqani it was their political need but it is not at this moment. He said that he does not believe that Hussain Haqqani is such a powerful man that America will not give Pakistan F-16 on his advice.

He said that Salman Shahbaz does not have the stature to challenge Imran Khan for debating. He said that PTV is the state TV it gave news that Salman Shahbaz is also visiting Saudi Arabia and Iran with PM so it will be considered correct news. He said that Nawaz Sharif acts like a royal family and he often takes his children on foreign trips with him.

He said that ZA Bhutto took Benazir Bhutto with him on the visit of Moscow but she was not the part of any official meeting.

FIRDOS ASHIQ AWAN OF PPPP said that the decision on NA-110 is historic and now defense minister has to defend himself. She said that she is afraid that presiding officers and returning officers might have tampered the vote’s bags.

She said that Khawaja Asif filed the case against Hussain Haqqani and he is the one now backing off from it. She said that if Hussain Haqqani worked against the interest of Pakistan as ambassador then it is an unpardonable crime of him.

She said that Salman Shahbaz should question PTV before anybody else that ran the news that he is on the visit with the PM.

USMAN DAR OF PTI said that Imran Khan asked to open four constituencies and NA-110 is one of them. He said that the result is not going to be different like others when NA-110 will be open. He said that had the four constituencies been open Imran Khan was not going have Dharna. He said that it is a victory of the people of Sialkot and atmosphere is like a festival there.

KHAWAJA MOHAMMAD ASIF OF PML-N said that the court ordered for verifications and not for recounting in NA-110. He said that he does not believe that his seat is in danger.

He said that Hussain Haqqani has written a article that America should not give F-16 to Pakistan they will be used against India and not against the terrorists. He said that Pakistan has used F-16 against the terrorists and America recognizes it. He said that he filed the Memo Gate case against Hussain Haqqani it was his priority then but not now. He said that Hussain Haqqani current statement also comes in the clause of treason.


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