3 February, 2016 17:12







ALI RAZA ZAIDI OF MQM said that PIA employees were protesting and opening the fire on them is not a democratic act. He said that the voice of the people is being tried to be suppressed just like the dictatorship. He said that the government says that PIA is over employed then why they hired about two thousand new employees in last two or three years. He said that there should be an inquiry that who is responsible in the killing of the PIA employees. He said that if the government is serious they should remove PIA from compulsory service act.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the PIA employees are killed because of the privatization and the government kept lying that they are not going to do so. He said that the government is begging to IMF and is going to privatize PIA on its demand. He said that PIA is in loss not because of the employees but because of the cronies that are imposed on it. He said that first they killed the employees then PML-N ministers are saying that PIA own people killed their workers. He said that the opposition has decided that they will die but not will not let PIA privatize. He said that besides PTI all other opposition parties are unanimous on this point. He said that there should be a judicial inquiry of the killing of the workers of PIA and not a police inquiry.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that it was clear from the arrogance and contemptuousness of the PML-N ministers in last two or three days that they have no feelings for PIA workers. He said that the attitude of PM was not different either he did not show any remorse for the killed workers of PIA.

He said that if the CCTV footage is destroyed then we all know that who will do it. He said that no matter how much PML-N tries his party will not let PIA privatized. He said that PML-N should give up arrogance and contemptuousness and consider the people of this country human beings and not insects.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that the opposition should behave responsible they should look that the privatization of PIA is in the interest of the country or not. He said that in one week the inquiry report of the killing of PIA workers will be made public.


The PM assured us that PIA will not be privatized.

Shujat Azeem and Ch Muneer are the partners of Royal Airport Services and the government wants to sell PIA to them.

The FIR of the killing of the employees of PIA should be registered against Pervez Rasheed, interior minister and CM.

We saw the people who shot the workers of PIA they were two people with short beard.

He said that the people who shot PIA workers were wearing the uniform of rangers.

When rangers came we welcomed them with applauding we were surprised when they shot PIA workers.

We are all witnesses of the incident and will testify in the court.

DAWN NEWS cameraman captured the incident in his camera we saw it.

Rangers tried to capture the cameraman of DAWN NEWS his arm and camera was broken in the effort.

The FIR of the killing of the workers of PIA has been registered against Shujat Azeem and Pervez Rasheed.

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