11 February, 2016 08:15






SHOKAT YOUSUFZAI OF PTI said that KPK NAB used to arrest any accused person now the amendment has been made to provide some evidence before the arrest. He said that only one person had all the authority in KPK NAB but now this onus is put on the whole institution. He said that if the investigations against any minister of PTI in NAB are underway they will continue.

He said that Mr. Barki is a very competent man nobody should have any doubt in his ability he has come from America with motive to serve only.

HAMID KHAN FORMER HEAD OF NAB KPK said that he is not the man that will take dictation from anybody and he did not take any dictation while registering the cases of corruption in KPK. He said that he was not the only one to take decisions in NAB KPK but all the members used to decide collectively. He said that he could not find any evidence of involvement of Pervez Khattak in the corruption but the direction of investigations go towards the top leadership of PTI. He said that PTI never created any hurdle in his responsibilities working as the head of NAB in KPK. He said that sixty percent of the cost of any project goes into corruption in KPK. He said that NAB used to get the remand of forty five days against any accused which has been reduced to fifteen days now. He said that more than eight ministers of PTI government in KPK are under investigations for corruption in the NAB commission.

He said that a strong institution, its powerful head and the good intention of the government is required for transparent accountability.

DR MUSADIQ OF PML-N said that the policy of PTI is that if they do some thing it is all right but if someone else does it is wrong. He said that PTI accuses PML-N for kinship but has appointed their cousin for the reforms in hospitals in KPK.

SHAZIA MARI OF PPPP said that the military rulers tried to make corruption cases against the politicians too. She said that military rulers dug deep to against ZA Bhutto but found nothing against him. She said that some thing that was supposed to be criticized against PPPP is not for PTI at this moment. She said that PML-N and PTI are against each other but on some issues their thinking is alike.

She said that PML-N has appointed its relatives in the institutions and if the relatives were not available to be appointed those institutions are still vacant.


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