12 February, 2016 15:21






GENERAL (R) AJAZ AWAN said that our leadership has to decide that what their priorities are. He said that if the priority of the leadership is to eradicate the extremism it is quite possible. He said that the war against terrorism is a solo flight of the military and is not getting any help from judiciary like other operations and the leadership is in confusion. He said that instead of fixing the situation of law and order and training the police the government is spending huge money on mega projects. He said that when he says that the leadership did not fulfill its responsibility it includes both civil and the military leadership. He said that the politicians are not the nose of wax that military can manipulate them. He said that the children of poor go to Madrassa because they get free education, clothing and shelter there. He said that the government needs to provide the alternate of the facilities children get in the Madrassa. He said that the government needs to provide the facilities of institutions to learn the skills. He said that the government should make sure that the children should go home after the learning instead of the remaining at the disposal of the Molvi whole day.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that first the world used Muslims against Russia and the wrong policies of the state were also included in it. He said that we need to remove poverty besides the other reason of terrorism. He said that seventeen percent of the budget is being spent on education, health and roads and rest goes to debt services and the defense of the country. He said that to up lift the poverty we need to set new industrial units. He said that the budget allocated for education is not being spent any place else twenty four to twenty five percent of the budget is being spent on the education.

He said that there should be no doubt that Nawaz Sharif is leading the war against the terrorism.

ALI MOHAMMAD KHAN OF PTI said that the main problem of the country is law and order the mothers are afraid to send their children to school that he may not come back. He said that he will like to appeal to all political parties that they should not do any politics on Zarb-e-Azb and terrorism. He said that we often blame Madrssas for terrorism but so many of worst terrorists do not belong to any Madrassa. He said that we need to watch that why youngsters from LUMS and other prominent institutions are diverting towards the terrorism.

He said that Pervez Khattak and Shahbaz Sharif talked about the negotiations with the terrorists when the parliament was also in the favor of it. He said that Naseer Ullah Babar patronized Taliban during the government of Benazir Bhutto and he said that these are our boys. He said that instead of living in the past we should move forward now. He said that the opposition should get tougher and persuade Nawaz Sharif to act upon the all twenty points of national action plan.

MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that General Ajaz Awan is accusing political leadership that they did not fulfill their duties. He said that General Ajaz Awan should not forget that the menace of terrorism was introduced in Pakistan by General Zia Ul Haq. He said that some religious parties are still sporting terrorists openly. He said that one religious party stated that the military personals losing their lives fighting against the terrorists are not martyrs but Taliban are. He said that PTI said to open the office of Taliban in Pakistan and PML-N had the idea of good and bad Taliban.

He said that he will say it with full conviction that all the credit of war against the terrorism goes to the military.

He said that today the good results against terrorism are produced because the civil leadership is backing the forces whereas military could not produce such results of its own.


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