18 February, 2016 15:25







He said that there must be something that bothered PM against the NAB. He said that he will not use the word of “Dum per paoon” like Ch Nisar these are not appropriate words. He said that the government is on the weak wicket they are involved in corruption. He said that the way PM has signed the pact for LNG with Qatar if PPPP PM had done so a reference was going to be filed against him. He said that the agreement for LNG was supposed to be presented in the Council of Common Interest which has not been done because of the corruption in the deal. He said that the deal of LNG is worth of billions of rupees it can not go through without presenting it in front of the Council of Common Interest it is a criminal charge against the government. He said that if in Yousuf Raza Gillani would have been the PM in place of Nawaz Sharif CJ Ch Iftikhar was going to take suo moto notice on it. He said that the LNG deal that is signed with the company of Qatar Saif U Rehman works for it and he used to sit in the meetings on the deal. He said that the price of LNG is set on 13.50 % of the petrol price when the prices of petrol will go up we will be paying a huge amount for LNG.

He said that Nawaz Sharif paid zero taxes in 1994 and 96 how he built so many assets. He said that Nawaz Sharif can not develop so many assets with legitimate income as he did not pay taxes. He said that Sharif Brothers are “The blue eyed boys” of the system. He said that he has said it in the senate but nobody is ready to listen. He said that Nawaz Sharif is taking preemptive steps on his corruption. He said that nothing has happened against Nawaz Sharif as yet and most likely he will walk free out of it.

He said that Sharif Brothers gave the contract of Pindi-Islamabad metro but contract to their cronies. He said that ten times money as compare to the rest of the world has been spent on Pindi-Islamabad metro bus project. He said that the Orange Train in Lahore is supposed to be at least two hundred feet away from the historical monuments but the distance is only fifty feet.

He said that the military is till selective against the terrorists organizations they should take action against all of them. He said that good and bad Taliban theory is still there about Punjabi Taliban but on the Western borders it has been slashed off.

He said that writing of the speech by the son of Nawaz Sharif was aright gesture for the sake of the secrecy. He said that the real issue is that who gave dictation to write that speech.

He said that NAB will not take any action against the minister of Nawaz Sharif many of them will become approvers. He said that Mian Nawaz Sharif is worried of the fear of his ministers becoming the approvers against him. He said that PPPP is on the target of Nab so far. He said that the case against Dr Asim has been subverted.

He said that PML-N has taken over the lands in Punjab. He said that PML-N takes over the land very cunningly first they issue a notice but later withdraw it. He said that in Raiwind first a notice was served that no residential scheme can be built here but after buying the land there the notification was withdrawn.

He said that it is Shahbaz Sharif that has done every thing in Nandipur project but Khawaja Asif that has nothing in his hands is taking the responsibility of it. He said that the Nandipur project that started from twenty three billion has reached to rupees hundred billions.

He said that Daesh is not going to come to Pakistan in black outfits and with black flags in their hands it is the name of a virus. He said that the people involved in Safoora attacked belong to Daesh and mothers are joining Daesh leaving their children behind.

He said that PML-N and its ministers do not have the courage to take action against the Taliban. He said that many ministers of PML-N are the sympathizers of Taliban.

He said that seventeen points of National Action Plan out of the twenty are not acted upon by the government. He said that whatever action has been taken on National Action Plan is done by the military and General Raheel Sharif. He said that General Raheel Sharif is the best general in the history of Pakistan he has risen the moral of the military and remains of the front line. He said that he is very happy that General Raheel Sharif decided not to take extension. He said that Ch Nisar has created a new confusion by saying today that PM will decide on the extension of Raheel Sharif.

He said that if the ministers of the government have done nothing then what they are afraid of let the investigations go ahead. He said that it seems that there is some wrong doing that is why Nawaz Sharif has given the statement against the NAB.

He said that Zardari is not going to stay abroad for very long he will come back to the country soon.


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