24 February, 2016 12:17







MOLA BAKSH CHANDEO OF PPPP said that Asif Zardari did not say it today but from the beginning PPPP is saying that the credit for action against terrorism goes to General Raheel Sharif only.

He said that every child of Layari is supporter of PPPP and Uzair Baloch was one of those as well. He said that Uzair Baloch never held any position of PPPP. He said that if Uzair Baloch has distant himself from PPPP and has adopted his own path there is no fault of PPPP in it. He said that PML-N has introduced the words of “Dum per Paoon” in politics.

He said that Zulfiqar Mirza is talking against the leadership of PPPP in enmity. He said that PPPP is the party whom leaders have been assassinated and the party never killed anybody.

He said that the geo tagging of Madrassas in Sindh is almost completed as well. He said that we should geo tag the Madrassas but also monitor that why the mentality of extremism is going up. He said that media should constantly talking against the terrorism after the APS incident no one was dare to say anything in the favor of the terrorists.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that when Dr Asim and PPPP were pursued because of corruption Asif Zardari said that “eent sey eent baja den gey”. He said that now PPPP will present justifications on the new statement of Asif Zardari just like the last one. He said that General Raheel Sharif has up lifted his stature by refusing the extension. He said that PPPP can go to any limits to suppress the issue of corruption of their party members.

He said that the time period of the crimes of Uzair Baloch and his pictures with the leadership of PPPP is the same. He said that PPPP used Uzair Baloch to compete with the criminal activity of MQM. He said that PPPP was not the party that believed in violence but alas they did the same too.

He said that the step of Punjab government of geo tagging of the Madrassas is very good. He said that Punjab government should be careful that Madrassas should not feel that they are being targeted. He said that it is difficult to catch a terrorist when he goes to hit his target. He said that we need to curtail the recruitment of the terrorists.

He said that the politicians are giving narrative but the real difference will come forward when the narrative against terrorism will come from Ulema.

UMER SAIF IT BOARD PUNJAB said that the Punjab government has formed a new counter terrorism department that is very advanced in IT technology. He said that the Punjab government decided to geo tag all the Madrassas and collect all the information about them. He said that the information about thirteen thousand and eight hundred Madrassas in Punjab has been gathered. He said that only fifty to seventy Madrassas are found vulnerable to terrorism in Punjab. He said that from eight hundred thousands to one million students in Punjab are attending the Madrassas. He said that most of the Madrassas in Punjab belong to Baralvi maslik in Punjab.

He said that like Madrassas Afghan refugees are also geo tagged there are two hundred and fifty thousand Afghan refugees in Punjab. He said that one hundred percent Madrassas have been registered in Punjab and are being monitored.

QARI MOHAMMAD HANIF JALANDHARY RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR said that it is good thing that Madrassas in Punjab are geo tagged but schools and colleges should also be included. He said that only handfuls of foreign students are studying in Pakistan at the moment and they have visas to stay here. He said that when the visas of the foreign students were expired instead of extending them the government sent foreign students back to their countries.


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