15 March, 2016 11:31

Inline image 1http://videos.samaa.tv/nadeemmalik/2016/03/nadeem-malik-live-14-march-2016/






WASEEM AFTAB FORMER MQM MPA said that if rangers have evidence against Kunwar Naveed Jameel of MQM he should face the charges. He said that if some one has committed a crime he is not above the law. He said that Tariq Meer of MQM has expressed his trust on Scotland Yard and other British institutions. He said that BBC showed Tariq Meer statement of MQM connections with RAW if BBC is wrong he should take legal action against BBC. He said that no forward block has been created in MQM instead they have formed a new party with new ideology.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that the allegations of Mustafa Kama and Sarfraz Merchant of MQM connections with RAW are not new but they should be investigated. He said that interior minister himself has accused MQM of having connections with RAW there should be transparent investigations and the party should not be targeted.

He said that it is not easy to leave a party someone is attached with it takes a long time to decide. He said that PPPP always tries to remain within the law after the hanging of Bhutto party targeted the generals and not the military.

RAZA HAROON FORMER MNA OF MQM said that there was not just one reason to quit MQM but many events, incidents and proof contributed in the decision. He said that he must have paid heed before disconnecting his association with MQM of twenty eight years. He said that he met Sarfraz Merchant many times but he never asked him about money laundering allegations. He said that British police is investigating money laundering case so he considered it impropriate to talk about it.

He said that Altaf Hussain used derogatory language against the military, judges and his political opponents but later apologized. He said that the language Altaf Hussain used in one of his speech no one can repeat it on TV.

He said that he will not comment on the illness of Altaf Hussain he himself should give the details of it.

He said that a war between the heart and brain was going on taking the decision but they day they synchronized he reached the right decision.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that Raza Haroon belongs to MQM group of those that are educated and do not believe in violence. He said that he Raza Haroon was unable to defend Altaf Hussain statements now.

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