16 March, 2016 15:24







LORD NAZIR MEMBER OF BRITISH HOUSE OF LORDS said that he asked five questions to British government regarding the money laundering case against MQM. He said that he asked British government whether London is being used for money laundering by the foreign nationals. He said that he asked British government that what it has done regarding the confessional statements of MQM leaders in the case f money laundering. He said that he asked British government that if there is any pressure from India and whether they are supporting India. He said that he also asked British government that what their findings are about MQM having connections with India. He said that if any political party of Pakistan having connections with India it is a very serious charge. He said that it is lamenting that because of good relationship with India the British government is not investigating the case against MQM. He said that Britain does not accept terrorism anywhere in the world but now because terrorism is being done against Pakistan and India is involved in it so they are quite.

DR SAGHEER FORMER MEMBER OF MQM said that after the murder of Dr Imran Farooq the details of MQM connection with RAW started revealing gradually. He said that so much information was revealed about MQM connection with RAW through the diary of Dr Imran Farooq. He said that Dr Imran Farooq also wrote the names of MQM members that were in contact with Indian RAW in his diary.

He said that he can not understand that why many leader of MQM have gone abroad. He said that his party is not formed to steal the mandate of any party instead their target is the whole population of Pakistan.

He said that it is not simple like other political parties in MQM to leave and go to some other political party.

He said that first the assemblies passed the resolution that MQM has connections with RAW it should banned but later they were inviting it back to participate in the session of the assembly.

NAWAB WASAN OF PPPP said that it is the responsibility of our intelligence agencies more than Sindh government that they should register a case against MQM. He said that Sindh government is also responsible but the real onus in on the interior and PM of the country. He said that no one will join Mustafa Kamal from PPPP whoever will do so will fall into the abyss. He said that he is not seeing any political future of Mustafa Kamal so far.

He said that PPPP is a very good party and sign of the federation and he will not leave it till he dies.

He said that Rehman Malik is a good person and he can not do the things he is accused for.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that if some political party is involved in criminal activity the institutions should become active automatically. He said that Britain that teaches us the lessons of law how long the investigations of money laundering and murder will prolong there. He said that he asked British councilate that what his country is doing regarding the money laundering and murder of Dr Imran Farooq.

He said that he does not see any political future of Mustafa Kamal too but the key is that how many of MQM workers join him. He said that PPPP should be worried with the arrival of Mustafa Kamal because their party has already been vanished from Punjab and Karachi.

He said that it is strange that a party gets involved in corruption and working against the interest of the country and some says that he is loyal to his party. He said that MQM is being accused for last twenty five years but no outcome of the allegations has come forward. He said that Musharaf first called MQM a terrorist organization but later no one helped this party more than him.


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