18 March, 2016 12:17

Inline image 1http://videos.samaa.tv/nadeemmalik/2016/03/nadeem-malik-live-17-march-2016/






TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that PML-N supported the government of PPPP but they were unable to do anything against Musharaf. He said that Sindh High Court excluded the name of Musharaf from ECL and PML-N government went to SC against it. He said that Musharaf condition is such right now that he goes to hospital everyday. He said that media is presenting the issue of Musharaf like PML-N has some personal fight with him. He said that PML-N has played its full role against the breacher of the constitution.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that Ch Nisar said whatever he liked in his press conference he even ignored the facts. He said that when PPPP came into power Musharaf was president and judiciary, PML-Q and parliament were with him. He said that PML-N did not support us wholeheartedly his government was weak and did not want to get into any conflict. He said that a group of soldiers that remains in the parliament gave guard ok honor to Musharaf no PPPP leader went there. He said that Musharaf is the very president Ch Nisar took oath from. He said that it is not him but the court said that the PML-N government is trying to hide behind the court. He said that PML-N government is taking credit to file the case of article six against Musharaf if they do not have the guts why they did it.

ARBAB GHULAM RAHEEM FORMER CM OF SINDH said that if PPPP did not want fight with Musharaf then why they are trying to make PML-N fight with him. He said that Musharaf is released on humanitarian grounds his health is not well. He said that Yahya Khan broke the country PPPP saluted him and he kept living here in the country. He said that PML-N government should keep good relationship with the establishment PPPP has done so as well. He said that he advised Nawaz Sharif that he should not get into a conflict with the establishment. He said that establishment plays its role in every country in India they do the same as well.

He said that he believes no one from PML-N will join Mustafa Kamal. He said that there is little possibility of forming a forward block in PPPP but they will need the help of MQM for that purpose.

FAISAL WADA OF PTI said that there is a resentment found against among the members of PML-N. He said that sixty percent of the members of the cabinet of PML-N government are the companions of Musharaf. He said that PML-N even put aside 12th of May they have double standards. He said that PML-N is the party that it was created and flourished during Zia Ul Haq government. He said that Musharaf is not going out of the country be signing a deal like Nawaz Sharif he will come back.

He said that there is rumor of Anees advocate and Adil Siddiqi are going to join Mustafa Kamal. He said that he is the man that talked against Altaf Hussain when nobody was daring to do so. He said that Mustafa Kamal or anybody else whoever will not do the politics of gun and violence his party will welcome him. He said that an angry group of PPPP workers can form a forward block. He said that he is seeing the political change of Karachi entering Sindh and Punjab as well.

He said that the head of Mustafa Kamal party will be the person that likes to wear white shirt so much.

IFTIKHAR ALAM FORMER MQM LEADER said that Pervez Musharaf or any political party they will like to get along with everybody. He said that today’s press conference of his group is very important that is why it is postponed till 9, O clock. He said that the number of people going to join his group today could be more than one.


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