19 April, 2016 11:15








He said that there should be complete or at least maximum consensus on the investigation commission on Panama Papers. He said that the government will do its best to have maximum consensus on the commission of Panama Papers. He said that the CJ of SC has indirectly said that his job is not to investigate he should not be included in the investigation commission of Panama Papers.

He said that the wife of Justice Sarmad Usmani joined PML-N but she was never active in then politics. He said that Justice Sarmad Usmani as a judge has very good reputation and delivered very good decisions.

He said that Naseer Ullah Babar raised the issue of off shore companies in the parliament in 1993 if there would have any illegal activity it was going to be revealed. He said that Imran Khan has said that making off shore companies is not an illegal act. He said that if tainted or money of tax evasion is used to make off shore companies then it is a questionable matter. He said that as long things are not proven against Nawaz Sharif they are just allegations. He said that if there would have been any evidence of corruption against Nawaz Sharif Musharaf was never going to spare him.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is the PM of Pakistan he will remain so till 2018 the rumors of his stepping down are not true. He said that the establishment is not behind the rumor of Nawaz Sharif stepping down as PM.

He said that all three forces of Pakistan have offered great sacrifices for the country they should be highlighted in the media. He said that his opinion about the military has been changed for good as compare to the past because of the good attitude of the military in the recent past.

He said that he wants to assure that Nawaz Sharif attitude towards India is not soft. He said that India is involved in terrorism in Pakistan and there is no doubt about it.

He said that Nawaz Sharif has gone to London for medical check up doctor says that his heart is healthy but some thing definitely is wrong with it. He said that hopefully Nawaz Sharif will come back to Pakistan by the end of this week.

He said that a committee will be formed in two or three days and that will ponder what is legal or illegal and ethical and unethical.

He said that he has provided evidence against Imran Khan in the court and now he is trying to defend himself. He said that Imran Khan says that charity money remained out side the country for three years he has balance sheet it remained longer than three years. He said that Imran Khan collected four billion rupees for the flood victims he should tall where that money was spent.

He said that when the investigation of Panama Papers will start then the question of how Sharif family can influence the commission should be raised.


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