6 May, 2016 11:34

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He said that had he sent the inquiry of Panama Leaks to FIA it was going to be said that the government will influence it. He said that he went one step forward and said Imran Khan should suggest the name of FIA officer and he will mark the inquiry to him. He said that if an institution will not hold the inquiry unanimously it will become controversial and will be criticized. He said that Panama Leaks clearly says that its divulgences are only accusations it is not clear as yet that the properties are bought with legal money or illegal.

He said that the opposition first demanded that FIA should hold the inquiry then the parliament and lastly the SC and the government accepted all of their demands. He said that the opposition is hesitant on the inquiry of the Panama Leaks and that is causing the delay in the proceedings. He said that the government is ready to sit down with opposition to settle the issue of Panama Leaks.

He said that Sharif Family needs a forum to give the details of accusations of Panama Leaks and they will do so infront of SC commission.

He said that no personal comments should be passed there is no gap between the civil and military relationship. He said that the meetings between PM and army chief are not going a frequently as before because of the busy schedule of both personalities it will be regularized soon.

He said that the corruption and the terror financing are two different things they can not be interlinked. He said that the federal government has authorized the military to carry on intelligence based operations anywhere in the country. He said that the military is doing intelligence based operations in the country in collaboration with rangers and police. He said that about 14000 intelligence based operation have been conducted in the country in last two years.

He said that the provincial government can order the inquiry to probe the killing of MQM worker it is not the jurisdiction of the federal government. He said that army chief has ordered the inquiry against the rangers. He said that he regularly takes the report from the rangers and there is a huge difference between the point of view of rangers and MQM on missing persons. Her said that the Karachi operation was going smoothly but some problems are coming up in last two or three months.

He said that the operation Zarb-e-Azb is almost completed but it will require some time to wrap the thing up.

He said that Donald Trump is accusing Pakistan but our media is vibrant to response him.

He said that Pakistan is playing its positive role in the region but whoever makes the mistake Pakistan pays the price. He said that Pakistan is doing its best to restore the peace in Afghanistan.

He said that there were thirty three very serious cases against Molana Abdul Aziz in the previous governments. He said that Molana Abdul Aziz has been set innocent in twenty three out of the thirty three cases. He said that everyone asks the question to PML-n government about Molana Abdul Aziz why no one question the previous governments. He said that there are no weapons and no militancy in Lal Masjid right now as compare to the past. He said that the Madrassas have been established on stat land previous governments have done nothing to stop them.

He said that the national action plan is carried out under the authority of the interior ministry and they are the one monitoring its proceedings.


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