13 May, 2016 11:08







ABID SHER ALI OF PML-N said that Aetzaz Ahsan took LPG quota of LPG on his wife’s name. He said that opposition was not sure that PM will write letter to SC for investigating commission now they are asking seven questions. He said that Aleem Khan has five apartments in London and he drives a car worth of 2.9 million rupees.

He said that the PM has stated that he will say what is needed to be said infront of the parliament and what is infront of the judicial commission.

He said that fifty people were killed on 12th of May and Musharaf was showing his fist the responsible should be punished.

ALI MOHAMMAD KHAN OF PTI said that Imran Khan has said that the accountability should be across the board but it should start from the PM because he is the head of the state. He said that the PM has said that he is ready for accountability but his companions are too fawning and misguiding him. He said that the PM should take clean chit from the parliament first and then he can probe anybody from PTI.

He said that the judicial commission judges do not have to do investigations they should have the power to hire any national or international agency for fact finding.

He said that he himself is a lawyer and has not forgotten those lawyers were burnt on 12th of May.

SALMAN AKRAM RAJA LAW EXPERT said that the foreign law will implement on Panama Leaks investigations it is not necessary that they will cooperate. He said that the investigating commission will not be able to get any information from Panama and British Virgin Island so it will be ineffective. He said that the opposition has realized that they can gain nothing out of the commission and their TOR’s. He said that if the government of Panama probes the matter then the commission can get the information.

He said that our rulers regardless which party they belong to should present themselves transparently to the people of Pakistan.


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