3 June, 2016 09:15

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NAVEED QAMAR OF PPPP said that we have never touched our system we do little things but we do not change our system. He said that we do not want to go in the direction we can get the results we required.

He said that we do not have tax culture in our country that is the basic thing to start with in the developed countries. He said that not taking action against the tax evaders is dishonesty as well as incompetence.

He said that Kisan Package of the PM is a fraud how five thousand rupees can help a farmer. He said that we need to gradually increase the budget for health and education every year.

SALMAN SHAH ECONOMIST said that nobody has taken tax reforms seriously in Pakistan. He said that there are many complications in FBR policy, administration and tax and they are kept purposely. He said that the growth in the economy was going to come through the reforms which have not been done. He said that the government is going to produce eight cents per unit coal electricity whereas the world is paying just four cents how can we compete with the world. He said that the government is not working on any hydropower project at the moment. He said that the agriculture is in worst situation and nothing is being done for it. He said that the growth rate in India this year is 7.9 because of the reforms done by Modi which is highest in the world.

SAQIB SHERANI ECONOMIST said that it is not that we do not know what our problems are and how to resolve them the institutions responsible are bluffing our politicians. He said that as long the administration of FBR will not be professional and clean nothing is going to change. He said that an institution named federal export promotion bureau was formed in Pakistan it had only one meeting in twelve years. He said that our share in the world of textile has been decrease and it is going to be further decrease in the coming years. He said that if we will not bring reforms in the tax system we can not grow. He said that in his opinion FBR has been completely failed.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that there will be no reforms in Pakistan because the people responsible to bring reforms are the one stealing. He said that the people running the system are looting. He said that as long the winning of the election will not depend on to go against corruption no change can come in Pakistan. He said that the one thing we can single out which harmed our economy the most is the tax policy. He said that Ishaq Dar economic policy completely depends on indirect taxation. He said that the government has increased the indirect taxes and it will widen the gap between the poor and rich.

He said that the price of urea fertilizer in Pakistan is rupees 250 higher than the rest of the world. He said that Pakistani and foreign investors do not believe that Pakistan is a place they should do investing. He said that when the PM of the country will say that his children invested in Saudi Arabia and London because of the higher profits there why anybody else will like to invest in Pakistan. He said that the ruling elite are the root cause of the problems of Pakistan.

He said that we need to decrease indirect taxes and impose direct taxes. He said that billion so dollars of theft money is going abroad and the government is doing nothing to plug it.


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