21 June, 2016 11:26

Inline image 1http://www.pakistanherald.com/program/39960/20-june-2016/nadeem-malik-live-sartaj-aziz-exclusive-interview







He said that today we are facing the consequences of the policy we adopted after Russia entered into Afghanistan. He said that after 9/11 the Mujahideen created by America, Pakistan and other countries were forced out from Afghanistan. He said that the current government has decided that it will not interfere in affairs of Afghanistan.

He said that the government has decided to control the border along with Afghanistan. He said that the people are moving in and out freely. He said that the terrorists are moving in from Afghanistan besides the common people.

He said that Afghanistan will not attack again on Pakistan if does we will retaliate. He said that he has talks with deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan to avoid any further tension.

He said that Pakistan has decided that how it is going to resolve the issue of Afghan refugees. He said that there are registered and unregistered Afghan refugees they will be treated differently. He said that the Afghan refugees will be repatriate gradually.

He said that Pakistan always has dispute with India on Kashmir. He said that India wants its hegemony in the region. He said that India only wants to talk on terrorism whereas Pakistan wants to talk on its eight points including the terrorism and Kashmir.

He said that Pakistan ahs historical relationship with Chine but in last three years because of the Cpek they are on the highest.

He said that Ufa declaration clearly says that all disputed issues will be discussed and Kashmir is the part of it. He said that India is not encircling Pakistan it has made investment agreements with Saudi Arabia and other countries. He said that there is criticism within India because of the joining of American camp by Modi.

He said that America has objection on Pakistan nuclear program and is asking that why we are making long range missiles. He said that Pakistan will not compromise its nuclear program under the pressure of any country.

He said that the meeting with the army chief was held on his suggestion. He said that he informed other ministers to join in the meeting. He said that America has this misconception that Pakistan is the part of the war against terrorism and also helping Taliban simultaneously. He said that Pakistan has cleared America misconception by operation Zarb-e-Azb.

He said that Pakistan has contacted forty eight member countries on the issue of the membership of NEC. He said that Pakistan has demanded that if India is given the membership of NEC Pakistan should also be given. He said that Pakistan relationship with Iran have been affected because of the international sanctions.

He said that the evidence India has provided about Pathan Kot attack is under investigation. He said that if some people from our side are involved in the attack on Pathan Kot they will be investigated by our own agencies.

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