23 June, 2016 15:28

Inline image 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TfGIaf3paw






WASEEM AKHTER OF MQM said that the family of neighborhood and the whole city is in deep sorrow on the death of Amjad Sabri. He said that the incidents like Amjad Sabri are taking place everyday and the messages of extortion are being given. He said that if we correct our direction and will we can resolve this problem.

He said that Ch Nisar and army chief agreed to form a monitoring committee at the start of the operation Zarb-e-Azb. He said that if the monitoring committee would have formed the incidents like Amjad Sabri were not going to happen.

SHEHLA RAZA OF PPPP said that many people have no enmity but they are being killed it is the reaction of operation Zarb-e-Azb. She said that whenever our enemy succeeds he hearts us very deep. She said that the terrorists are united but we are confused. She said even a guilty person should not be murdered rather than an innocent one.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that a message has been given through the assassination of Amjad Sabri that if you think that situation has been improved you are wrong. He said that if Amjad Sabri was receiving threats he should been provided security. He said that as long we will not make the police active we can not resolve the problem. He said that we all need to watch our neighborhood. He said that we should condemn and offer condolences but also should take necessary steps. He said that the terrorism is not the problem of the agencies only it is the problem of the whole nation.

KHURRUM DASTGIR OF PML-N said that there is no confusion on terrorism but there is political confusion on the situation of Karachi. He said that we deal the problem of terrorism as sectarianism whereas the terrorism is just terrorism. He said that Amjad Sabri was the name of a tradition the terrorists are trying to scar the face of our country.

He said that patience and tolerance is our heritage and we will take it back.

RASHEED GODAL OF MQM said that the murderers of Liaquat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto are not arrested in Pakistan as yet. He said that the incident of Amjad Sabri reminded him his own incident. He said that in the past people used to hide in the tribal area after committing any crime but now they get shelter in Karachi.


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