24 June, 2016 11:05

Inline image 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9irECqyr4g







ISHAQ DAR OF PML-N said that Amjad Sabri was known for Hamd and Sana and he will remain so. He said that Ch Nisar is putting best efforts along with provincial government to apprehend the murderers of Amjad Sabri. He said that three incidents in Karachi in one week is not good news.

He said that the country is being run according to the constitution and it does not say that how the country will be run in the absence of the PM. He said that only thing written in the constitution is that the PM can render his powers to someone else. He said that the PM chaired the budget meeting from London and then he went for the surgery. He said that constitutional amendment is required to handover the powers of the PM in his absence.

He said that the media is presenting the meeting of the ministers with army chief in wrong context. He said that the meeting with the army chief was regarding the security issues. He said that he was busy in the budget he was told to spare some time for the meeting with the army chief. He said that the meeting was delayed because of his engagements. He said that we decided o make a road map for the security of the country in collaboration with the army chief. He said that the government relationship with the army chief is friendly and brotherly.

He said that 22nd amendment has been made in the constitution for the appointment of new election commission. He said that the process to appoint new election commission has been started government and the leader of the opposition has suggested three names each.

He said that there is no deadlock on TOR’s because there is never any deadlock in the politics. He said that the government and the opposition have formed their own TOR’s. He said that he ahs requested to Khursheed Shah to sit down again on the issue of the TOR’s. He said that it will be better if the opposition and the government present their TOR’s in the parliament for the debate.

SARWAT SABRI BROTHER OF AMJAD SABRI said that there was no specific but a general threat was there to Amjad Sabri. He said that there was no pressure on Amjad Sabri by any political party to join it. He said that he has appealed to the army chief for the capturing of the murderers because he is the “man of the moment”. He said that the government is not providing food; water and electricity at least provide the security to the people. He said that high profile cases are noticed but the government is needed to make sure the security of the common people. He said that nothing can be done by capturing the foot soldiers as long the people behind these crimes are not arrested.


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