27 September, 2016 12:20








He said that if India says that his military will attack then Pakistan military will contend with full power. He said that our military is fighting a war against terrorism and not killing Kashmiri women and children like Indian army. He said that if India will try diplomatic channel Pakistan will reciprocate it. He said that whatever way India will choose for surgical strike Pakistan will retaliate with extreme might. He said that India is one hundred percent involved in terrorism in Pakistan. He said that India uses TTP for terrorism inside Pakistan. He said that Brahamdagh has Afghan passport with the name Ibrahim and he has Indian visa on it.

He said that India herself is responsible for Uri attack many countries do that kind of gestures. He said that India is unable to release the identification of Uri base attackers as yet. He said that it is quite possible that India first killed the four men it says are involved in Uri attack some place else and then burnt them along with its soldiers. He said that there are many movements for separation are going on in India. He said that no country of the world has supported Indian version of Uri attack. He said that Pakistan nuclear devices are not showpiece they will be used when required and India will be completely destroyed.

He said that Altaf Hussain talked against Pakistan in India during Musharaf ere but he did not take any action against him. He said that Altaf Hussain was never loyal to Pakistan. He said that MQM is a political party and should be allowed to work. He said that Farooq Sattar himself has distant himself from Altaf Hussain and we should support him.

He said that Mohajir are those who left their country in the love Pakistan and two nation ideology in 1947. He said that people who migrated to Pakistan in the fifties and sixties for economic reasons are not Mohajir. He said that there is a sanctity of Hijrat that should be regarded.

He said that our media makes the appointment of new army chief a issue in the past it was not a problem. He said that there are two months to go for the appointment of new army chief. He said that General Raheel Sharif got great success in the war against terrorism. He said that the image of the military is much different than the time when General Raheel Sharif took over as army chief.

He said that Raiwind march is the decision of Imran Khan he has done such things in the past as well. He said that had Imran Khan not given Dharna Cpek would have been in its last phase by now. He said that Imran Khan’s politics is out of the current situation of the country and the national interest. He said that even if Imran Khan gathers one hundred thousand people i9t is not going to shake the government of PML-N.

He said that Panama Leaks is not a issue media has made it so.

He said that Pakistan relationships with Russia have been improved a lot in last two and half years. He said that Pakistan has also participated in the military exercise in Russia in the recent past.


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