29 September, 2016 11:10








He said that he hopes lot of people will come out on 30th of September but if not he will say to Allah that he did his part. He said that nobody can get involved in corruption in KPK because everybody knows that there is an institution of accountability. He said that NAB, FBR and election commission no one will take any action against Nawaz Sharif. He said that Insha Allah he will gather everyone because it is a fight for Pakistan. He said that after 30th of September the institutions will be on defensive because they are being paid by our tax money and not by Nawaz Sharif. He said that he is thankful to SC that granted the hearing of the PTI petition. He said that he is afraid that PML-N might attack on SC again. He said that British are the conscious nation two million people came out against the war in Iraq and the time proved that Iraqi war was a wrong decision. He said that he always worked within the framework of the constitution. He said that PTI people in Karachi told him to form a military wing to compete with MQM but did not approve it. He said that if his protest is attacked it will not remain to Raiwind only it will spread in the whole country.

He said that rupees eight billion are being spent on the security of Raiwind Sharif family are kings. He said that he will announce on 30th of September what will be his further program of protest. He said that whole PML-N knows that Nawaz Sharif is corrupt but either they are coward or they themselves are corrupt too. He said that nobody stood by the side of the PM of Britain and Iceland to defend them on Panama Leaks like the people of PML-N. He said that whole opposition knows that Nawaz Sharif is corrupt they should either support me or do something of their own. He said that if the opposition stays quite on Panama Leaks it will be like supporting him on his corruption. He said that PML-N people are telling Nawaz Sharif to delay the things and slowly people will forget Panama Leaks.

He said that there are two groups in PPPP one wants to protest against Panama Leaks and other is with status quo. He said that PML-N has spent nineteen billion rupees on advertisements they are actually trying to buy the media. He said that even if his own party tires he will protest alone so he could say to Allah that he tried his best. He said that more that one hundred thousand people will come out on 30th of September and a new history will be established. He said that the people will tired up when he will be tired and he will be tired after he dies. He said that if nothing is done against Nawaz Sharif it will be a victory of corruption. He said that he does not know when the elections will be held what he knows is that Nawaz Sharif will not survive Panama Leaks. He said that Panama Leaks is not accusation it is the evidence. He said that he will remain on the streets against Panama Leaks he will shut down the cities but will not let a criminal remain the PM of Pakistan. He said that if we will not come out against a criminal as a nation then we have no right to live like a nation. He said that there will be no credibility in tact of SC if Nawaz Sharif gets away with his corruption.

He said look how the speaker of the assembly did not face his consciousness and bowed to the pressure of Sharif family.

He said that the people will start gathering in Raiwind form the night of 29th September and will break all the records. He said that there will be Jalsa plus on 30th of September and he will tell on 30th that what Jalsa plus is.


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