11 October, 2016 12:11








He said that today the lawyer of Nawaz Sharif has said Maryam Nawaz is not his dependent. He said that it seems that Nawaz Sharif has tempered his documents in the election commission. He said that he told earlier that the record is being tempered in FBR.

He said that PTI is not going to hold a Jalsa in Islamabad instead will not leave until the justice is served in Panama Leaks. He said that it will not be a test match but a timeless match. He said that four times people will gather in Islamabad as compare to Raiwind.

He said that in democracy not only opposition but the ruling party also monitors the democratic process. He said that PML-N does not care about the interest of the people but of Nawaz Sharif. He said that the mafia of corruption is sitting in the parliament. He said that if justice will not be served PTI will protest n the roads and if necessary will resign from national and provincial assembly of KPK.

He said that Pakistanis have bought 7.1 billion dollars property in Dubai in last two years but no institution of Pakistan has taken any notice of it.

He said that he invited all the political parties of Pakistan t join protest with him but they refused presenting the excuse that PTI is going to attack on the house of Nawaz Sharif.

He said that the PM has caught red handed in Panama Leaks and lied in the parliament. He said that the 30th of October is defining moment for Pakistan and not for him.

He said that PPPP an ideological party has become a small party because of Asif Ali Zardari. He said that the people that are worried that it will be their turn after Nawaz Sharif are supporting him. He said that when he talks about accountability he is told that he wants to become the PM or he is against Cpek project.

He said that only the military is the one institution Nawaz Sharif is unable to destroy but has adopted a very dangerous policy against it. He said that an international conspiracy is on against Pakistan military in order to set Indian hegemony in the region. He said that what Nawaz Sharif is doping he will weaken Pakistan military. He said that international powers are working to disintegrate Balochistan and our military is fighting against it.

He said that Punjab police is unable to catch Chotoo gang how they can capture big criminals. He said that fix the police in Punjab or let the military take the action. He said that all the political parties have signed the national action plan to get rid of the banned outfits.

He said that the rich countries are rich because their institutions are strong. He said that according to the one international institution Pakistan institutions performance has gone down in the democratic governments. He said that the judiciary is not taking suo moto notice on Panama Leaks because it is under the influence of Nawaz Sharif. He said that no dictator has killed as many people as in the Model Town but no action has been taken against anybody. He said that there is an impression that judiciary has one standard for PPPP and another for Nawaz Sharif. He said that ten year ago the loan of Pakistan was six thousand billion rupees that has gone up to twenty two thousand billion in Zardari and Nawaz Sharif governments.

He said that his revolution is peaceful if he fails a bloody revolution will come. He said that if Pakistani nation will not come out their future will be in the dark.

He said that Nawaz Sharif should present himself for justice or resign.

He said that his message for Pakistani people is to come out against the corruption otherwise they will remained slaves of the children of the current leaders.


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