12 October, 2016 11:46








He said that the people of Karachi and the voters are connected with MQM from decades. He said that when Altaf Hussain rose anti Pakistan slogan on 22nd of August people drew a line between Altaf Hussain and themselves. He said that from 23rd of August MQM Pakistan is making its own decisions and London office has ratified them. He said that Altaf Hussain formed MQM but now he is neither running the party nor is the leader of MQM Pakistan. He said that MQM London has revoked his membership of the party. He said that Altaf Husain did not hit his foot with axe on 22nd of August but instead hit his foot on axe. He said that if the establishment gets close to Altaf Hussain he will be standing with the people of Pakistan.

He said that if Balawal will put his credibility on line at the age of twenty seven of twenty eight how will he survive in the future. He said that PPPP was run by Rehman Malik earlier but Balawal is running it. He said that there was a minus one formula for PPPP as well Balawal tried to get close to PTI to avoid that when he did not succeed he turned towards MQM. He said that there will be minus one in PML-N as well because sooner or later Panama Leaks case will be prosecuted.

He said that Mustafa Kamal and Anis Qaimkhani became very disappointed and left but he did not leave and has taken many steps of improvement. He said that Mustafa Kamal was a good number two in MQM but had no vision.

He said that some people of MQM went to India before Musharaf era and they also got training from India. He said that MQM has kicked out all those who went to India. He said that it is impossible that Indian RAW is not involved in Pakistan. He said that some people of MQM might also have been used by RAW. He said that RAW is involved in Karachi, Balochistan and other parts of the country. He said that now MQM is accepting people after complete scrutiny.

He said that Imran Khan has made many political mistakes in the last two years. He said that Imran Khan should have move forward the campaign against corruption through media. He said that PTI should have contacted MQM to get our support much earlier.

He said that he has stated that do not demolish the offices of MQM and hand them over to the charities.

He said that he accepts that the weapons are recovered from Karachi but then take this case to its ultimate end. He said that it is possible that some MQM worker had informed about the weapons and put them there then action should be taken against them.

He said that fifty percent of MQM workers have joined PSP and MQM Haqiqi from Malir, Landhi and Korangi.

He said that there should be investigations of the murders of Dr Imran Farooq, Tariq Azeem, Liaquat Ali Khan, General Zia Ul Haq ns Benazir Bhutto. He said that all these cases are still unresolved.

He said that he has written a letter to core commander Karachi, army chief and the PM for his security but did not get any response so far. He said that he handed over a letter to Ch Nisar in person but got no response. He said that some religious outfits can attack him.

He said that Murad Ali Shah has expressed his wish that he wants to see the mayor of Karachi out side the jail. He said that he ready to give guarantee that Waseem Akhter will not go to out side the country or elsewhere.

He said that he wishes that 12th of May incident is investigated but so should be done about the incidents of Ali Garh colony and Paka Qala incidents.

He said that if MQM is not allowed to work we will resign from national provincial assemblies and local governments as well.


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