21 October, 2016 11:41







SHARMEELA FAROOQI OF PPPP said that there are three groups of MQM right now and they are London, Pakistan and PSP. She said that all three MQM are accusing each other for the crimes of very serious nature. He said that the governor of Sindh is accused so now he is out to retort as well. She said that PPPP is not supporting any group of MQM. She said that when Raza Haroon was the minister he was very arrogant and never listened to anybody. She said that the accusations of MM on each other should be investigated.

She said that shutting down the capital is not the way to protest PPPP is also protesting against the government. She said that what the guarantee is that women will not be misbehaved in the jalsa of PTI.

RAZA HAROON OF MQM said that a minister is given authority by the CM so he should practice it with full authority.

He said labeling the accusation is not the job of the governor he is supposed to be non political. He said that Tariq Azeem was murdered in 1993 today it is 2016 why his case is not decided as yet. He said that Baldya town case is in the court we should not discuss it in the TV talk shows.

He said that Panama Leaks is infact the battle of turf between Lahore and Islamabad.

RANA SANA ULAH OF PML-N said that there is democracy in the country anybody can accuse anyone there is no ban on it. He said that it is not easy to reopen any case for trial Bhutto case was tried to be reopen but was not allowed. He said that in his opinion provincial government has no authority to form a new JIT.

He said that there is permission for jalsas and rallies in the democratic culture. He said that the government provided full security to the rally of PTI in Lahore and jalsa of Adda Plot. He said that this time PTI says that it will not ask for permission for the jalsa if they do so their jalsa will not be granted permission. He said that if PTI will do any violation their people can be arrested as well.

IMRAN ISMAIL OF PTI said that MQM people remained together in the party so there must be some reality in the accusations they are labeling on each other. He said that we should not be the judge between them the nature of the accusation is very serious the authorities should take the notice of it. He said that the groups of MQM are fighting with each other to get the maximum share of the city of Karachi in politics.

He said that on 2nd of November at 2 O’clock fraudulent regime will be finished. He said that on 2nd of November the capital will be ceased and the government will not function. He said that Islamabad will be shut down by the citizens of Islamabad and they are the Pakistanis.

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