27 October, 2016 11:34







JAVED SADIQ BUSINESSMAN said that he knows Shahbaz Sharif since 2008 and he owns a communication company named ZT. He said that all the projects ZT participated in the bid were not allotted by the Punjab government. He said that ZT tried to take a project in Quid-e-Azam solar park but the bid was allotted to a Chinas company. He said that he arranged the investment for the project of the Quid-e-Azam solar park. He said that he will get the share from then profit that will not be more than one percent. He said that Islamabad airport is a joint project of three companies and his company is one of them. He said that Arfa Kareem Tower project contract is allotted to his company. He said that he is the director general of Chi9na state construction company and his company is working on the Cpek motorway project from Multan to Sakhar under the financing from China. He said that Multan to Sakhar motorway project cost is more than thirty billion dollars and his commission will be .25 percent. He said he is working on four projects only. He said that he participated in the bidding of many projects but they were not allotted to him. He said that the projects he is working on in collaboration with China are the soft loans. He said that most of his business is with the Chinese companies and he often meets with Punjab government along with Chinese. He said that no member of Sharif family is a partner in his business.

NAEEM UL HAQ OF PTI said that as much Javed Sadiq has made commission by the virtue of his relationship with Sharif family no other individual has. He said that no audit has been performed of the projects Javed Sadiq is working on his corruption will be tracked after the auditing is done. He said that there is no more pleasing news than the news of Shahbaz Sharif served a notice to Imran Khan now the facts will be clarified. He said that Javed Sadiq has made billion of rupees and he becomes the part of every meeting of the Punjab government. He said that the auditor general of Pakistan has released the details of five hundred and two billion rupees corruption in the country.

TARIQ FAZAL CH OF PML-N said that Shahbaz Sharif has announced in a press conference today to send a notice to Imran Khan of twenty six billion rupees.

He said that Pakistan cricket team has full right to celebrate its victories push ups gesture.

YAR MOHAMMAD RIND OF PTI said that PTI has proved all of its all allegations labeled against PML-N. He said that Najam Sethi was rewarded for his role in the elections of 2013 by Nawaz Sharif by giving him the chairmanship of the cricket board. He said that Najam Sethi has no background of cricket. He said that Pakistan cricket team has been formally delivered the message that they should not gesture push ups anymore.

RANA AFZAL OF PML-N said that in the meeting of the senate committee push ups issue was discussed where cricket board officials were also present. He said that he asked the officials of Pakistan cricket board that Pakistan cricket team gestured push ups in England after their victory but why not they did so after they lost the next test match. He said that he does not like the push ups gesture of Pakistan cricket team after winning the match.

JAVED MIANDAD FORMER CAPTAIN OF PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM said that the fitness level has been improved considerably of our cricket team after the training by our military training camp. He said that our cricket team pays tribute to their military by salute and push ups after winning the match. He said that it seems that Pakistan cricket team has been told not to perform push ups after winning the match. He said that corruption issues of the Pakistan cricket board will be reveled by the passage of the time.

MOHSIN HASSAN KHAN FORMER BATSMAN OF PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM said that every team of the world celebrates its victory in their own style Pakistan team perform push ups. He said that there is nothing wrong in performing push ups gesture. He said that the fitness of Pakistan team has been improved considerably. He said that Pakistan is defamed in the world for its corruption the government should pay attention towards this issue.


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