9 November, 2016 11:15







UMER CHEEMA JOURNALIST said that Sharif family got loan of seven million ponds by hypothesizing their companies NELSON and NESCON. He said that the documents of London property of Sharif family were releases by ICIJ. He said that when Mozak was asked about the ownership of NELSON and NESCON they said that Maryam Nawaz is the sole owner of the companies. He said that we have to see that the documents Sharif family submitted in the court will be confirmed by the sequence of the facts in Panama leaks or not.

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that he will not answer to Umer Cheema the documents will be confirmed to prove the facts. He said that the people that accused Sharif family could not produce any evidence against them in the court. He said that it will be clear in the coming days that the documents presented in the court are true or fabricated. He said that PML-N has presented the same documents in the court as their stand on Panama Leaks from last ten years. He said that PML-N will prove in the court what they are saying on Panama Leaks so far. He said that PTI has to prove in the court that the London flats were bought before 2006.

MIAN MAHMOOD RASHEED OF PTI said that he went to London in 2011 and his brothers living there told him that Sharif family owns flats there and they also showed him the documents. He said that the ownership of NELSON and NESCON was in the names of Hussain Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz. He said that the accusations of Panama Leaks were not labeled by PTI but an international paper. He said that one statement of Sharif family does not match with another. He said that when Sharif family has admitted in the court that London flats belong to them then how the accusations are false? He said that PTI is preparing documents of proof and will present them in the court on the next hearing.

JUSTICE (R) SHAIQ USMANI said that Sharif family has admitted in the court that they are the owners of the flats in London. He said that how the property in London was bought, when was bought and who is the owner are the questions have to be verified. He said that Sharif family has to give the trail of the money in the court otherwise the court can order investigations. He said that verifying money trail these days is very difficult task. He said that there are so many ways to bluff about money trail. He said that MBA students are asked the question to make a money trail that no one could trace how the money was moved.

He said that SC does not have the authority to get the evidence form other country or organization they only can ask the government to help them.


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