15 November, 2016 10:54







ABDUL QADIR BALOCH OF PML-N said that the incidents like today in which seven Pakistani soldiers lost their lives can not lead towards the war between Pakistan and India. He said that when he was in the military his order was to kill three Indian soldiers against one Pakistani and his soldiers used to do it. He said that the killing of seven soldiers is a routine matter it continues.

He said that PM should have gone to Khuzdar Balochistan but the districts in Balochistan are far from each other. He said that nobody lives around the shrine of Shah Noorani the people killed there were from Sindh.

He said that if the government does not discusses any issue in the parliament PPPP is the leader of the opposition they do not so either. He said that the government will not pose any hurdle in the case of Panama Leak in the court.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that India is playing with fire by doing violation of LOC in the incidents like today. He said that the response of the Pakistan government is not appropriate defense minister is busy in celebrations in Sialkot he should be with the soldiers to show solidarity.

He said that the PM was going to Gawadar had he gone to Khuzdar as well it was going to console the people there. He said that Pakistan is ready to negotiate but India is not due to its domestic political interests. He said that despite of all hardships India has lost the war of Kashmir they are coming out on the streets in protests.

He said that the government is saying that DAWN news is concocted then why they sacked Pervez Rasheed. He said that Justice Siddiqi reached to hospital second day after he was appointed the governor of Sindh what kind of decisions the government is taking. He said that Kashmir is not the priority of the government they are focused on their personal interests. He said that the government is afraid that international forces will be upset if they will raise the issue of Kashmir. He said that the violations on LOC are connected with the issue of Kashmir and Indian internal politics but our government is unable to understand it.

He said that the government has not submitted its evidence on Panama Leaks tomorrow is the date of court hearing and they have changed their lawyer. He said that the government is using the delaying tactics. He said that if the government has evidence of its innocence on Panama Leak why they are not producing it in the court.

He said that PTI has presented solid proof in the court in the case of Panama Leaks it is a open and shut case.

He said that PTI will accept any decision of the court on Panama Leaks.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that we do not have any foreign policy nobody knows about it. He said that the issue of Kashmir, foreign policy or any other issue is never discussed in the parliament. He said that if foreign office will remain silent the incidents like LOC violation today will continue to happen. He said that many members of the government have said to him that the tension on the border is good for them it keeps the attention diverted from them. He said that there is no political backing on the issue of Kashmir or LOC violations.


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